Save the Children

Save the Children criticised in Times over ties with company with ‘blood on its hands’

2 Aug 2016 | Emily Corfe

Save the Children has been criticised in The Times over its long-running partnership with a company accused of killing almost 100 people in South Korea.


Save the Children criticised in Times over ties with company with ‘blood on its hands’

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Jenny Berry

The number of charity chief executives complaining about “interfering chairs” has risen sharply since the collapse of Kids Company, leading to new tensions at the heart of the charity sector, according to the chief executives' body Acevo.

Department for Work and Pensions names charities providing ‘workfare’

Many of the UK's largest charities have been named on a list of providers of mandatory work activity, or workfare, released by the Department for Work and Pensions after a four year legal battle.

Charity that is carrying on Kids Company's work changes its name

A charity set up to continue aspects of Kids Company’s work has changed its name and launched a website.

Founder blames agency as he closes charity that spent 80 per cent of income on fundraising

Rick Clement, founder and trustee of military charity A Soldier’s Journey, has admited that he was “naïve” in trusting a fundraising agency but denied that he took money from the organisation.

There needs to be a complete rethink on board selection, responsibility and business knowledge - after all, a charity is still a business.

» If trustees are to blame for the fundraising crisis, how do we improve how they work?

Charity Commission retracts story which indicated it would no longer publish all accounts

The Charity Commission has published a news story announcing it will no longer display documents received by post and email on the online register of charities, before retracting it and saying it is inaccurate an hour later.

Liam Fox

A charity set up by minister for international trade Liam Fox has been accused of failing to deliver on promises set out in a series of high-profile publicity campaigns.

Charity Commission produces action plan to deal with falling public trust

The Charity Commission has created an action plan explaining what it is doing to rebuild trust and confidence, and has told charities that they need to be clear about their impact.

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