Suzi Leather

Suzi Leather

Chair, LankellyChase Foundation from 1 August 2006

Dame Suzi Leather was chair of the Charity Commission from 2006 to 2012. In October 2012 she took up the position of chair at the LankellyChase Foundation and in January 2013 will join the council of the GMC.

Just after her appointment, at the Charity Commission the government passed the 2006 Charities Act, which stated that charities must provide a “benefit to the general public” in order to claim charitable status. Much of her chairmanship was consumed with determining how the Charity Commission will decide whether a charity provides public benefit.

How this public benefit test affects independent schools has been the subject of much media scrutiny, and this has earned Leather plenty of personal and professional criticism from those who support the charitable status of public schools. As a former public schoolgirl herself, who educates one of her own children at private school, she had to withdraw from the debate after taking legal advice. Certain factions of the media also like to focus on the fact that she is a glamorous and attractive woman and a career “quangocrat”, as if those attributes automatically preclude her from doing a good job in her current role.

From 2002-2006, she was chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and has also chaired the School Food Trust, the Food Standards Association and the Exeter and District Community NHS Trust.

She has a degree in politics from Exeter University and an MA in European politics from Leicester University. She is an active member of the Labour party.

She was made a Dame of the Order of the British Empire in January 2006.


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William Shawcross, chair of the Charity Commission. Image by Fergus Burnett.

The Charity Commission has invited 22 people to interview for the four or five positions available on its board.

William Shawcross, chairman of the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has received 280 applications for the four or five vacant posts on its board, including several from "politically active people".

Dame Suzi Leather to join governing body of GMC

Former Charity Commission chair Dame Suzi Leather will join the governing body of the General Medical Council in January, as part of reforms to the medical regulator.

Politically charged

Ian Allsop reviews the political bunfight surrounding the appointment of the Charity Commission’s new chair.

The Charity Commission proposes that if a charity is not a member of one (or more likely several infrastructure bodies), then the charity is tainted. It further proposes to publicise that the Commission considers the charity to be tainted. Definitely not charity, but just rubbish and more utter rubbish!

» Charity Commission expects all charities to join an umbrella body

Joe Saxton, driver of ideas, nfpSynergy and chair, CharityComms

The prospect of a grading system for charities’ administrative costs has resurfaced in Joe Saxton’s newly-published strategic plan for building public trust and confidence in the sector.

John Wood, interim chair, Charity Commission

John Wood is to act as interim chair of the Charity Commission  from today until a new chair takes up the post in the autumn.

Dame Suzi Leather, chair of the Charity Commission

Dame Suzi Leather, outgoing chair of the Charity Commission, warned MPs yesterday that there are risks that her successor will not have the relevant experience for the job, if the published person specification is followed.

Dame Suzi Leather, outgoing chair of the Charity Commission, courtesy of Andy Miah

MPs at yesterday's public adminstration committee hearing with outgoing chair Dame Suzi Leather hinted that the next chair of the Charity Commission will have to be politically neutral. Vibeka Mair reports.

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