Kate Sayer

Kate Sayer

Kate Sayer is a partner at Sayer Vincent and has been with the firm for over 20 years, after qualifying as a chartered accountant and experience with an international firm of accountants. She is the engagement partner for a wide range of charity audits, and has written several books on charity finance.

Kate is a member of the Charity Commission SORP Review Committee which develops the standards for charity accounting. She is also a visiting lecturer at the Cass Business School for the Diploma in Charity Finance.



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Kate Sayer, Non-executive director, Development Initiatives Poverty Research

Understanding how auditors think and work can help your charity get more from its auditors, says Kate Sayer.

Kate Sayer, Non-executive director, Develpment Initiatives Poverty Research

Kate Sayer explains what auditors will look for before signing off a charity's accounts.

Unauthorised trustee benefits

A chair of trustees and an auditor both advise on the best way to react to concerns around unauthorised trustee benefit.

Sector 'still unclear on CC14 investment guidance'

The fallout from the BBC Panorama investigation into Comic Relief's investments has highlighted the ongoing confusion in the sector over the Charity Commission's CC14 guidance.

Keith Hickey, group director of resources, RNIB

CFG, Acevo, the Institute of Fundraising and Sayer Vincent have launched a new publication on how charities can better manage their reserves. 

How to handle a trading company

Kate Sayer advises a company secretary on how to handle an uncooperative trading company.

Board papers: presenting a business case for a decision

It is the responsibility of the chief executive to ensure that trustees have sufficient information to make informed decisions. Kate Sayer describes the essential components of a board paper requiring a major decision to be made by a board of trustees.

Housing SORP 2008

The Statement of Recommended Practice: Accounting by registered social landlords 2008 was approved by the Accounting Standard Board on 23 November 2007, and is effective for all accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2008.

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