Alastair Keatinge

Alastair Keatinge

Alastair Keatinge is trustee at Edinburgh's Civic Trust - the Cockburn Association, and head of charities at law firm Lindsays WS.

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Charity Commission

Marchig Trust trustee Alastair Keatinge gives his view on the main differences between the UK's three charity regulators. 

Charities and social enterprises in Scotland

Alastair Keatinge outlines the growth of social enterprises in Scotland. 

Implications of Scottish independence for UK charities

Alastair Keatinge explains what it will mean for charities if Scotland decides to break away from the UK.

Unauthorised trustee benefit

It is a fundamental principle of charity law that charity trustees cannot profit from their position as trustees. Emma Moody discusses.

Ex gratia payments (legal aspects)

Ex gratia payments are payments made by charities where there is no legal requirement to do so.

A blind eye turned to governance

A well-known Scottish charity fell foul of the constitution when governance arrangements were overlooked. Alastair Keatinge surveys the damage.

Volunteer agreement model document

Legal advice is normally to treat volunteers differently to employees. However, with charities increasingly using volunteers in the delivery of contracts and tenders, it is advisable to have some form of legal agreement between the charity and a volunteer. The following model document needs to be tailored to the needs of your organization and taking legal advice is recommended.

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