'Government muzzling charities smells of Stalinism': Twitter reacts to new grant clause

'Government muzzling charities smells of Stalinism': Twitter reacts to new grant clause

8 Feb 2016

On Saturday the Cabinet Office announced a new clause in its grant contracts which will see charities prevented from lobbying government with grant money. The sector, as well as several MPs, took to Twitter to give their opinions on the new clause.


'Government muzzling charities smells of Stalinism': Twitter reacts to new grant clause

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Grants and lobbying: Why Matt Hancock's arguments don't stand up

The government's new clause preventing charities lobbying is based on dubious logic and unreliable research, says David Ainsworth.

Society Diary: A fundraiser's guide to the galaxy

Our weekly round-up of interesting and outlandish information, collected from the corners of the charity sector.

The Kids Company documentary showed us just how naive and arrogant its founder had become

Alice Sharman says last night’s documentary Camila's Kids Company: The Inside Story shows the founder had created a cult-like atmosphere that contributed to the charity's demise.

What Twitter thought of the Kids Company documentary

The much-anticipated documentary charting the final days of Kids Company aired last night. While many voluntary sector commentators may have been watching from behind the sofa, it didn't stop them sharing their despair, outrage and horror at what unfolded on Twitter.

Has the taxpayer gained? I don't think so - the small savings to the Treasury (after the redundancy costs) are far outweighed by the damaging consequences of an under-resourced charity regulator.

» The cuts don't work

City analyst Louise Cooper; Cath Howard, CEO, Cumbria Community Foundation; John Ross, Investec; Ellen Clements, senior grants and donor services officer, Cumbria Community Foundation, and TV presenter Gaby Roslin

Cumbria Community Foundation won the Grantmaking and Funding category at the Charity Awards 2015 for its partnership delivering the Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme.  Liz Woodham reflects on the impact that winning has had.

A trustee's response to being called 'wilfully blind or incompetent'

Andrew Purkis responds to the PACAC accusation that trustees were "wilfully blind or incompetent" and gives five reasons why they failed to exercise oversight more effectively.

If the government is truly committed to stopping another Kids Company, it must back this up with investment

If the government is truly committed to standardising its relationship with the charity sector it must put its money where its mouth is, says Genevieve Maitland Hudson.

Who's Moving: All the latest movers in the charity sector

Unicef UK, Brook, Pro Bono Economics and more announce their latest appointments.

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Charities must do more to protect public trust

5 Feb 2016

Gareth Jones looks back at the past few months of charity-battering media coverage.

Where there's a Wilson, there's a way

3 Feb 2016

The Office for Civil Society’s 2016 agenda has a familiar ring to it, says Ian Allsop.

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2 Feb 2016

Rowenna Fielding explains why IT business analysts can be critical to the smooth running of a charity...

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