How to handle charity communications in a crisis
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How to handle charity communications in a crisis

7 Jul 2015

Fundraisers can play an important role in limiting the damage when a PR disaster looms, says Vicky Browning.


How to handle charity communications in a crisis

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Fundraising - getting ahead

Looking to move on and up in your career? Helena Sharpstone offers some critical tips for getting promoted in fundraising.

How to set up a lottery

Feeling lucky? Lotteries can be lucrative, but are a regulatory minefield. Clive Mollett explains the regulations to consider when starting from scratch.

The Gift Aid on Small Donations Scheme explained

Barry Gower unpicks the detail of the government's proposal to allow charities to collect gift aid on donations of £20 or less.

How to plan a black tie fundraising event

A successful black tie event is a feat of organisation, careful planning and balance. The Retail Trust shares its top tips for putting on a great – and profitable – gala event.

Insuring a right royal celebration

Lucy Page provides insurance advice to those planning to host celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June.

Losing control of fundraising

No charity wants to curb the enthusiasm of its fundraisers and supporters – but what can you do if fundraising gets out of hand? Geoff Trobridge offers some advice.

How to develop donor cultivation

Before embarking on a donor cultivation programme, get back to basics, says Tobias Jung.

How to set up a fundraising event

Events fundraising can be a risky endeavour, but can untap new income streams and supporter bases. Lesley Pinder shares tips from Missing People’s successful new running event.

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