Moving swiftly on: charities can't afford to stop at digital transformation
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Moving swiftly on: charities can't afford to stop at digital transformation

25 Jan 2016 | Bertie Bosrédon

Charities have got on board with digital transformation, but they’re still behind the commercial world when it comes to launching digital pilots. Bertie Bosrédon outlines the challenges to, and tips for, digital pilot success.


Moving swiftly on: charities can't afford to stop at digital transformation

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Fundraising predictions for 2013

What is on the cards for 2013? Tony Elischer shares his seven major predictions.

How to do direct marketing in-house

Effective direct marketing is not just for big-budget charities. Reprieve’s low-cost, in-house campaigns bring in £6 for every £1 spent, as Matthew Leidecker and Laura Stebbing explain.

How branding can help your fundraising

Following Jeff Brooks' blog yesterday which claimed commercial-style branding does not work for charities, Gill Warnock issues a practical response outlining ways to make branding work for you.

How to resuscitate a failing DRTV campaign

The ad goes live and the phone doesn’t ring. But the sky hasn’t fallen in. gail cookson says there are quick and cheap ways to turn your DRTV campaign around.

Lucy Gower, fundraising trainer and consultant

Everyone wants their campaigns to be successful, but what to do with efforts which don’t hit the mark? Lucy Gower says learning from failure is critical to successful fundraising.

What are funders' biggest complaints about grant applications?

Sometimes it’s just basic mistakes and oversights that will see a grant application end up in the bin. Tom Traynor reveals funders’ biggest gripes about grant applications.

Fundraising - getting ahead

Looking to move on and up in your career? Helena Sharpstone offers some critical tips for getting promoted in fundraising.

How to set up a lottery

Feeling lucky? Lotteries can be lucrative, but are a regulatory minefield. Clive Mollett explains the regulations to consider when starting from scratch.

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