Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

8 Oct 2015 | Stephen Cotterill

It is 20 years since face-to-face fundraising burst onto our streets and revolutionised individual giving. Despite its ripe old age, there is still life in the old legs yet, finds Stephen Cotterill.


Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

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Where is the charity market headed?

Spotting trends in major charities is a good indicator of what may be happening elsewhere. Using the latest Charity Market Monitor report, Cathy Pharoah assesses the current state of play.

Retail therapy: The aftermath of the Mary Queen of Charity Shops experiment

Millions watched retail expert Mary Portas transform a Save the Children charity shop in Orpington in a recent television series, but what happened after the camera crew left? Lucy Harvey reports.

'Uncharitable' book is unpalatable

Last month PF reviewed Dan Pallotta’s book, 'Uncharitable' which demolishes as illogical and immoral the principles upon which the charitable sector is built. Now Lyndall Stein demolishes his arguments.

When are charities not eligible for zero rate tax relief on advertising?

Charity advertising qualifies for zero rate tax relief, but not in all circumstances. The rules have not kept up with technology and lead to frequent disputes with HMRC as Lorraine Owens and Graham Elliott report.

Leaders of the pack

The life of a director of fundraising can be challenging as well as rewarding. In the attempt to monitor developments within the role, ranging from salary and gender trends to role responsibilities, along with the professional development opportunities, PF ran a survey.

What does a typical director of fundraising look like?

Likely to be male or female, they will have been in post for three years. Previously they were a head of department or manager and so were pleased with their promotion. The overall income of the charity will be £18.4m, of which they're responsible for earning £5.7m.

Passporting to FREEDOM

The suggestion that a central data bank of applicant information for funders is needed in order to reduce fundraisers' workload has been widely supported. Tania Mason investigates whether it's ever likely to happen.

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