NCVO Charity Forecast

NCVO Charity Forecast

NCVO Charity Forecast

Fundraising | 11 Apr 2012

NCVO’s quarterly Charity Forecast provides some insight into how charity leaders are feeling about the near future. This latest edition took the pulse of leaders of NCVO’s member charities between 7 February and 7 March.

The picture, even before the lambasted Budget was released, was not a rosy one for the sector. Nine out of ten sector leaders predicted the next year will bring negative economic conditions for civil society, which is a higher proportion than those who thought the general economy wasn’t looking good.

But while the responses in this Charity Forecast leaned heavily to responses with the words ‘worsen’ or ‘negative’, there is some improvement in general attitudes. The ‘net confidence’ levels of those responding to the survey improved on the previous quarter – on the whole charity leaders were more positive about the performance of their own organisation, the economy of the sector and the wider economy than they were at the end of 2011.

There is still some way to go, however, before we again reach the dizzying heights of confidence enjoyed before the market went belly up. 

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