Over 145 charities receive donations from #icebucketchallenge through JustGiving

Over 145 charities receive donations from #icebucketchallenge through JustGiving

1 Sep 2014 | Alice Sharman

Over 145 individual charities have benefited from donations made as a result of the ice bucket challenge, while American charity the ALS Association has tried to trademark the term.


Over 145 charities receive donations from #icebucketchallenge through JustGiving

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Philanthropy manifesto demands £30m IT investment fund

The government should establish a £30m fund to boost internet technologies for the charity sector, according to a manifesto released this week. The Community Foundation Network (CFN) has released its long-awaited Manifesto for Community Philanthropy, which calls on government to create a ‘Philanthropy Infrastructure Investment Fund’ to invest in those projects aiming to increase giving levels, but also to introduce new philanthropic tax breaks and bank account types.

Direct debit sign-ups, and defaults, rising

The number of direct debit donors has increased significantly, but so too has the number of donors defaulting on their commitments, according to new figures. Direct debit donor levels are 600,000 higher than 2007, according to figures from automated payment processor Bacs Payment Schemes, which has labelled reports which claim direct debit cancellations are on the rise as "misleading".

Awards scheme opens for London charities

London charities stand to benefit from an awards celebrating community service. The 2009 Neighbourhood Excellence Initiative Awards are now open for applications for individuals and charities working in their local communities. Two London-based charities will be selected for £110,000 worth of unrestricted grant funding each, as winners of the ‘Neighbourhood Builders’ award.

Top cop organisation issues guidance on policing of face-to-face

A police organisation is distributing advice to its members on dealing with street fundraising in the wake of some cases of "insensitive" policing of the technique. The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) held discussions with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) after the PFRA became aware of “a few incidents” in which neighbourhood police officers had dealt improperly with legitimate face-to-face fundraisers.

Great news, I have a terrible fondness for Sir Terry, he really has his heart in the right place, they fund some great stuff, their evaluation reporting really has become cutting edge.

» Children in Need 2013 raises record-breaking £50m

Chuggers recruit record number of donors

Face-to-face fundraisers signed up 16 per cent more donors in the last financial year than in the year before, according to latest figures. Street and door-to-door fundraising brought in 681,000 new donors in the 2008/20009 financial year, according to figures released by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) at its annual general meeting yesterday, 24 June.

State of charities' use of SMS report available online

Research into charities enthusiasm for, and under-use of, SMS technology is available for public viewing online.

ASA clears Action for Children 'My Story' advert

Action for Children's controversial TV advertisement featuring an autistic child has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority. The advert, titled ‘My story. Dan’, featured an animation of a young child with autism in which the child’s autism was depicted as a monster-like creature. ASA received 61 individual complaints about the advert and one complaint from the autism support and campaigning network Autreach.

Shock and hope - Amnesty International's new viral film

Amnesty International's new viral waterboarding film balances shock with hope. And a soft ask.

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