The meeting was held at 10 Downing Street

PTA-UK: Big Society Network chief was confident of funding 7

28 Jul 2014 | Tania Mason

PTA-UK has revealed that it turned down an invitation from Big Society Network to be a partner in its ill-fated Social Action Fund bid because BSN had intimated, at a meeting at 10 Downing Street, that its grant was “virtually guaranteed”, which PTA-UK thought seemed like “a fix”.


PTA-UK: Big Society Network chief was confident of funding

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Making the most of agencies

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, charities are well placed to negotiate better deals from agencies, says Alison Cowan It’s a tough market out there, and your first thoughts are probably not for the agencies that rely on corporate marketing budgets - usually the first spend to be cut in a recession.

Cuts to legacy budgets threatens charities' future

Short-termism is the new killer disease threatening charities’ survival, says Richard Radcliffe.

The power of persuasion: Psychology boosts legacy pledges

Puzzled by inconsistent responses at legacy-focused supporter events, staff at Action for Children turned to social psychology and achieved remarkable results, as Matthew Lagden reports.

Are you ready for Asia? The opportunities of fundraising from Asia

Charities often ask if Asia is ready for local fundraising but Usha Menon questions if your organisation is ready to fundraise in Asia.

Great news, I have a terrible fondness for Sir Terry, he really has his heart in the right place, they fund some great stuff, their evaluation reporting really has become cutting edge.

» Children in Need 2013 raises record-breaking £50m

New charity shops honcho named

The Association of Charity Shops has appointed Warren Alexander at its new chief executive. Alexander will begin in November, having previously been chief executive of Core, a charity which funds research into gut and liver disease.

NAVCA slams ACF for negative semantics on grants

NAVCA has accused the Adventure Capital Fund of discrediting grants by urging organisations to move away from ‘grant dependence’ in its recent guidance on the £70m Communitybuilders Fund.

In memory

In memory

6 Oct 2009
Tags: Legacies

Someone very close to me died about six months ago. Because she received care from a particular organisation and because I wanted to do something positive at a dark time, I did what lots of her friends and relatives did, I chose to make a donation to a charity in her name. I did this online and told them clearly the reason for my gift (they gave me a neat little drop down box to help me do so).

BingoLotto scrapped a month into play

BingoLotto has been axed less than a month after launch due to a lack of interest in the game. The national fundraising bingo game, which aired on Virgin 1 and was on offer at 2,000 Tesco stores across the UK, has been scrapped after disappointing ticket sales.

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