2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

18 Apr 2014 | Jenna Pudelek

The 2014 London Marathon is on track to raise more than £53m for good causes and break the Guinness World Record for the most charity fundraising at a single annual event for the eighth year running.


2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

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State of charities' use of SMS report available online

Research into charities enthusiasm for, and under-use of, SMS technology is available for public viewing online.

ASA clears Action for Children 'My Story' advert

Action for Children's controversial TV advertisement featuring an autistic child has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority. The advert, titled ‘My story. Dan’, featured an animation of a young child with autism in which the child’s autism was depicted as a monster-like creature. ASA received 61 individual complaints about the advert and one complaint from the autism support and campaigning network Autreach.

Charities shouldn't be punished for Madoff's lies

Do charities who took donations from fraudster Bernard Madoff have a moral obligation to return the money? Like many clever fraudsters, Bernard Madoff, the investment banker who was jailed for 150 years this week for robbing investors of £40bn, fuelled his lies with the cover of respectability, which included major philanthropy to maintain his position in high society.

Shock and hope - Amnesty International's new viral film

Amnesty International's new viral waterboarding film balances shock with hope. And a soft ask.

The NCVO pay panel addresses a problem that doesn't exist -- setting up a straw man to beat to a pulp -- and has by its mere existence made it seem that a deep, dark scandal is brewing within the charitable sector. It would have been far better to greet phony media muck-raking with the scornful silence it deserved. Thanks for nothing, folks.

» Red Cross donors stopped giving after Telegraph pay stories, warns NCVO

Multi-million match fund again on Big Give

The BigGive is launching another match funding challenge, this time putting a record £3m up for grabs. Charities have until June 27 to apply to become one of 250 charities eligible to benefit from the match funding challenge, which will become active on December 7.

Making the most of a moment

I have been known to say out loud that I think charities don't always capitalise on current affairs as well as they might, so today I would like to hail the British Heart Foundation.

Not a blog about Michael Jackson

On a day that even the Iranian uprising has been relegated to the inside pages of high-end newspapers, it's important to remember those stories that get lost in the news cycle.

Hardship fund for arts twice as big as government's sector programme

Arts Council England has unleashed a recession hardship fund for the arts worth double the value of that released by the Government for the entire voluntary sector in the Budget last week. A £40m grants programme has been opened up by the Council for artists and arts organisations struggling as a result of the recession. It follows the unveiling of a £20m hardship fund for the sector as a whole released as part of the Budget last Wednesday, 22 April; a fund which divided opinion among charities.

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