ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

1 Jul 2015 | Hugh Radojev

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint that Plan UK’s “anti-child marriage” TV advert misled audiences and has said it will take no further action.


ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

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Hanne Stinson's vision

There is a growing resentment towards religion in the UK, according to the chief executive of the British Humanist Association, Hanne Stinson. Can we hope for a world without religious privilege or discrimination?

A telethon - really?

Call me new fashioned, but I know I can’t be the only person who is in shock that a telethon can still raise record amounts. Surely they are the domain of the 1960s. Surely it cannot be that rhinestoned dance acts, bow-tied old hosts flanked by young blondes and life-sized toy bears still wield enough pulling power to not only draw in nearly half the television audience but, more shockingly, get them ringing up to give away their money.

Holding the hands - and wallets - of trusts and foundations

Small third sector organisations can do more to influence trusts and foundations, before they even put their hand out for grants. Clyde Williams explains.

What people say about you when you're not in the room

That’s my definition of a ‘brand’. Well actually, I heard it a conference once and it stuck with me as the best definition for a topic that in my opinion is horribly over analysed. One of the most misleading things I heard about big charities brands was in an Aussie article a couple of years back. The focus of the article was that there was a direct correlation between the size of the top 50 or so Australian charities and their level of ‘brand awareness’.

He was just so nice - an over used word, but I can only ever see Daniel with a smile on his face. Genuine, wickedly funny, intelligent, oozing with foresight and interest.

» Daniel Phelan dies, aged 58

An unrelenting focus on those capable of making big gifts

At the Institute of Fundraising Scottish conference last week I was asked to present a session on "Fundraising Lessons from Higher Education." I was a little nervous that I would find that my audience would have heard it all before. This was only compounded by discovering Young Dawkins III in the front row. For the uninitiated, Young is Vice Principal of the University of Edinburgh, and one of the most accompished major gift fundraisers in UK at present.

Commercial vs charity: comparing the pitching process

The pitch. It's a crucial moment in the lives of all fundraisers and agencies and yet, so often, it is a wasted opportunity. Paul Handley discusses what is holding charities back from getting the most out of the pitch.

Quarriers' Partners' Day

Managing your work with a whole host of agencies can be daunting. Morag Fleming talks about how Quarriers developed a ˜Partners Day' to make sure all agencies were singing from the Quarriers songbook.

The ideal client-agency partnership

The perfect client-agency partnership is never easy to achieve. Paul Handley and Stephen Pidgeon take us through some key things to keep in mind to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible

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