The problems with ROI and the need for new rules

The problems with ROI and the need for new rules

30 Sep 2014 | Jenna Pudelek

Are you having tough conversations with colleagues in finance to secure investment in fundraising? Or has finance already won and you’re putting short-term targets over long-term strategy? By Jenna Pudelek.  


The problems with ROI and the need for new rules

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Decisions, decisions: How donors decide which charities to support

It is not just major donors and new philanthropists who want to support effective charities, the prompts for giving are complex across the giving spectrum. Beth Breeze discusses the latest research on how donors select which charities to support.

If you're not a fundraiser, you're a cost: the Kidney Research UK philosophy

Kidney Research UK is taking no prisoners. From the frontline to the chief executive, everyone has responsibility for fundraising. Peter Storey explains the charity’s brave reinvention

Better with age: Older donors do it online too

Many charities see the internet as a way to communicate with the youth market, but it’s not just the young and hip who are online. Older donors are valuable and ignored at your peril, says Jonathan Waddingham.

Pay-per-click legacies: NSPCC uses Facebook for legacy leads

In a competitive legacy market, some charities are thinking outside the box to get at potential legators. NSPCC turned to pay-per-click advertising on Facebook for a legacy campaign, and beat forecasts by 300 per cent.

"Stick to their knitting". Who on earth do you think you are Mr Newmark. You've probably just plummeted the Conservative Party so far down the polls they'll never recover.

» Brooks Newmark: charities should keep out of politics

Unicef to raise £55m in five-year multimedia campaign

Unicef UK is set to launch an integrated five-year advertising campaign next Monday to raise £55m for children worldwide. The ‘Put it Right’ campaign, which will begin next Monday, 8 February, will be rolled out in three phases across TV, print, digital and outdoor media.

Nick Hurd admits ignorance of public collection regulations

Shadow charities minister Nick Hurd admitted to being “completely ignorant” of the public collection regulations included in the 2006 Charities Act which have yet to be given force.

More givers, not gift aid reform, first step for Tory government

A Conservative government would focus on increasing giving rates, rather than gift aid reform, to boost voluntary income to charities, the shadow charities minister said yesterday.

'Slacktivists' - a(nother) new kind of donor?

We’ve had new philanthropists, philanthropcapitalists, Felicity donors and now, strike the drumroll, the sector has a cute new catchphrase to describe another new kind of donor.

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