Supermarkets donate profits from #icebucketchallenge to MND Association

Supermarkets donate profits from #icebucketchallenge to MND Association

29 Aug 2014 | Alice Sharman

Tesco has announced that it will donate the profits made from an increase in sales of ice to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which has now received over £3m through donations from the ice bucket challenge.


Supermarkets donate profits from #icebucketchallenge to MND Association

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'No shred of evidence' in remainder trust research, says Saxton

The suggestion that £74bn could be pumped into charities via remainder trusts and a new type of trust, as proposed by a paper last week, is not supported by either evidence or demand, says Joe Saxton.

The DEC waited too long to launch Haiti appeal

I was shocked that for a large part of Wednesday, when many charities appeals were under way, the Disaster Emergency Committee’s website stated it was “assessing the situation” in Haiti.

Disaster preparedness and conversion

Last week, in the wake of the Haiti tragedy, I talked about how I felt that non-emergency charities should continue doing what they were already doing.

Charity sector in 'phoney war' with recession, says Commission

The charity sector is in a “phoney war” in terms of the true impact of the recession, according to a report from the Charity Commission on how trusts and foundations are responding to the economic downturn.

The NCVO pay panel addresses a problem that doesn't exist -- setting up a straw man to beat to a pulp -- and has by its mere existence made it seem that a deep, dark scandal is brewing within the charitable sector. It would have been far better to greet phony media muck-raking with the scornful silence it deserved. Thanks for nothing, folks.

» Red Cross donors stopped giving after Telegraph pay stories, warns NCVO

New cancer charity employs pyramid fundraising model

A breast cancer charity being launched this week intends to employ a pyramid fundraising model and social networking in an effort to raise £1m in its first year of existence.

Three Peaks neighbours urged to 'shop' irresponsible fundraisers

The Institute of Fundraising is planning to replicate its ‘snitch on bad DM’ campaign in the arena of challenge events, by encouraging local residents to report fundraisers’ bad behaviour to the Fundraising Standards Board.

Remember a Charity gets new campaign director

Remember a Charity has appointed a new campaign director as the legacy promotion organisation looks to move on from awareness-raising to changing behaviour around legacies.

Charities become reporter and saviour in Haiti disaster

The response of aid agencies to last week’s Haiti earthquake has been typical, in an impressive sort of way; fast, public, efficient. But in this disaster, for the first time, charities have taken on a new role.

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