ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

1 Jul 2015 | Hugh Radojev

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint that Plan UK’s “anti-child marriage” TV advert misled audiences and has said it will take no further action.


ASA rejects complaint against Plan UK’s ‘anti-child marriage’ TV advert

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Charities must be prepared to be open not just about costs, but about what they have achieved, argues Tris Lumley.

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The move to longer term funding is great; this is one of the biggest complaints we get from the young people that we work with; they often ask "why is it that as soon as they get a project/activity that we like and benefit from, it gets taken away."

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Jonathon Grapsas is preparing for next week's Institute of Fundraising National Convention, where fundraisers might be challenged about incentive-led direct marketing and - his old favourite - data.

Not quite as Big Society

It is no surprise that while preparing to cut funding to charities, Nick Hurd is bringing out the old refrain that charities must get themselves in order, says Dan Fletcher. But it's still not right.

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