Teenager with incurable cancer raises £1.6m for Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenager with incurable cancer raises £1.6m for Teenage Cancer Trust

24 Apr 2014 | David Ainsworth

A teenager with terminal cancer has raised more than £1.6m for the Teenage Cancer Trust, including £1m in the past two days.


Teenager with incurable cancer raises £1.6m for Teenage Cancer Trust

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Beware the fervour of your devoted fans

Australia's most beloved spread turned to its fans in a textbook case of online democracy to create a name for a new product. The spectacular failure of the experiment is a warning to all those who put too much faith in the genius of crowds.

High Risk or Low Risk - you choose

This morning I needed to drop off an application to the UK Identity and Passport Service. However I had the temerity to arrive at the bewildering set of doors (customer exit, customer entrance and "staff only") holding not just a completed passport application in the correct envelope, but also my dog. I should explain that Ben is not a Rottweiler nor an Alsatian, or any other form of "attack dog". Ben is in fact a rather daft, presently rather woolly, Cocker Spaniel. In fact he resembles a black and grey teddy bear with ridiculous long ears and, happily, a full and woolly tail. I had hoped I might walk through the correct door, step three feet up to the reception desk, hand an envelope to the reception staff and leave. Would that life was so simple!

Negative sector stories outweigh positive by eight to one

Newspaper coverage of philanthropy and the recession between September last year and April this year contained eight pessimistic portrayals of a ‘vulnerable’ sector for every one article that depicted the sector as robust and resilient, a study shows. The inherent danger in this is that such stories can affect confidence in giving and create self-fulfilling prophecies of a giving recession, the researchers suggest.

Great North Run breaks record

The 2009 Great North Run has already raised more than one and a half times as much as last year. The run, which is the world’s largest half-marathon, attracted 29 per cent more participants than in 2008, but has already raised 55 per cent more donations than the 2008 event.

Spot on Lucy, if a charity doesn't have a clear ambition, its absence will infect every fundraising ask they make. And that's daft.

» What would your charity do with a social fundraising windfall?

School's out on public benefit: Charity 250 Index October 2009

Income growth at schools moves Charity 250 Index higher, explains Gareth Jones.

Why the word 'leverage' has no place in charity comms

Think about the way you're talking to your supporters, and the language you use. It makes the difference between being listened to and ignored.

Charity chiefs back gift aid campaign

Several charity chief executives and fundraising directors have signed the Institute of Fundraising’s online petition for the government to make changes to gift aid, but the petition is still short of the number needed to elicit a response from government. The Institute wants the government to allow charities to reclaim the gift aid that higher-rate taxpayers are able to reclaim for themselves but often don’t.

Elton John Foundation to give grant to Irish government

The Elton John Foundation and the Irish Cancer Society are to provide grants to the Irish government to ensure it continues to deliver certain health and social care services in the recession. Ireland has been badly hit by the global economic crisis and its deficit is expected to widen from 6 per cent in 2008 to nearly 11 per cent in 2009 - the highest budget deficit in the European Union as a percentage of its GDP.

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