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Action for Children plans to boost investment in fundraising

23 Sep 2014 | Tania Mason

Action for Children is planning to boost its investment in fundraising in a bid to offset the vagaries of public sector contract funding.


Action for Children plans to boost investment in fundraising

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Islamic Help scraps boarding school plans after Commission visit

Islamic Help, a poverty relief charity in Birmingham, has ditched plans to build the UK’s biggest boarding school after an intervention by its local MP and a visit by the regulator. But an appeal for donations for the school is still on its website today.

OSCR to investigate mismanagement at Scottish children's charity

OSCR has opened an inquiry into Scottish children’s charity the Sick Kids Foundation following press reports that its £15m New Pyjamas Campaign has spent more than £500,000 but raised just £60,000 in its first ten months.

What is the public collections regime and why should Nick Hurd care?

Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising conference 'Ready for the recovery?', the shadow minister for charities, social enterprise and volunteering Nick Hurd laid out three areas that a new Conservative government would help the voluntary sector.

Direct debit donations increase

The value and number of direct debit donations to charity slightly rose over 2009, according to the latest figures.

It is incredibly important that charities raise larger concerns about broader issues, rather than only focusing on the immediate situation.

» Brooks Newmark: charities should keep out of politics

Cheque-ing out

I am in two minds about whether or not it is such an issue that cheques are being withdrawn. Being an old-fashioned kind of girl I still like to write the odd cheque so will be sad to see them go, but even I am prepared to pay with plastic or online nowadays.

Invisible women in fundraising

In her debut blog, Suzie Who says that that there should be more women in top fundraising positions - especially when men seem to have been doing not the best of jobs of it lately...

What do we want? The rise of the campaigning-fundraising charity

In a world long past there were campaigning charities and there were ‘doing’ charities, and never the twain did meet. But in our brave new world, more and more charities are making campaigning a central part of their mission and messaging. Celina Ribeiro looks at what is behind the trend and what it means for fundraising.

Boswell to launch 'practical' research centre for fundraisers

The Institute of Fundraising will launch a new research body by April.

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