Camelot CEO says deregulation of society lotteries may not increase good cause money

Camelot CEO says deregulation of society lotteries may not increase good cause money

18 Dec 2014 | Alice Sharman
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The chief executive of Camelot has said that reducing the regulation around society lotteries may not actually increase money for good causes, as others have suggested.


Camelot CEO says deregulation of society lotteries may not increase good cause money

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Nigel Farage. Image courtesy of David Ileff

A survey by Ipsos Mori for NPC about how charities are perceived by people who vote for various political parties has suggested that Ukip voters have lower levels of trust in charities than those who plan to vote for one of the three mainstream parties.

Tobin Aldrich

Former director of global fundraising for Sightsavers, Tobin Aldrich, has announced that he has left the charity to set up a consultancy business.

CRUK crowdfunding effort flops

Cancer Research UK’s three new crowdfunding campaigns did not manage to raise even 10 per cent of the money the projects needed.

Government launches call for evidence into society lotteries

The government yesterday formally launched a call for evidence into better regulation of society lotteries.

I hope this is an example that other medical charities will follow as it is very difficult to explain to the public why there are so many charities for certain causes.

» Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer announce merger

Public enthusiasm for giving down this year, according to new 'donor confidence index'

The public’s optimism about giving to charity has not grown as fast as consumer spending, according to a new “donor confidence index” published today by research consultancy nfpSynergy.

 ‘Scrooge Award’ is ditched after retailers find their Christmas spirit

The Charities Advisory Trust has scrapped the Scrooge Award for retailers that give the least amount to charity from charity Christmas cards after the vast majority of retailers responded to the campaign and boosted their contributions.

Rob Wilson MP, minister for civil society

The new minister for civil society wants to see “billions of pounds” more public services delivered by charities and social enterprises over the next few years and plans to embark on a massive new capacity-building programme to enable it to happen.

Cancer Research UK launches its first crowdfunding campaign

Cancer Research UK is hoping raise £190,000 this week from its first crowdfunding campaign to pay for three research projects.

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