Etherington criticises IoF for resisting creation of Fundraising Regulator

Etherington criticises IoF for resisting creation of Fundraising Regulator 10

2 Feb 2016 | David Ainsworth

Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, has criticised the Institute of Fundraising for not behaving in a “grown-up” manner and fighting a “rearguard action”, rather than supporting the new Fundraising Regulator.


Etherington criticises IoF for resisting creation of Fundraising Regulator

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MPs blame trustees in critical report into fundraising practices

MPs have said that trustees were to blame for the failures in fundraising and the Charity Commission should have a greater role in overseeing the new fundraising regulator, in a damning report published today. 

Olive Cooke

The Fundraising Standards Board has criticised charities for sharing Olive Cooke’s details and for not giving her an easy way to opt out of communications, in its report published today.

The case of Olive Cooke shows the sector needs a culture change

The Fundraising Standards Board’s report into charities and Olive Cooke makes grim reading, and shows a need for an urgent change in the sector's mindset, says David Ainsworth.

Where Do We Go from Here? Vol 4 cover

Fundraisers would prefer to build deeper relationships with donors, but cannot do so because charity leaders force them into short-term approaches with "immediate returns on investment", according to a review published today.

The move to longer term funding is great; this is one of the biggest complaints we get from the young people that we work with; they often ask "why is it that as soon as they get a project/activity that we like and benefit from, it gets taken away."

» Paul Hamlyn Foundation unveils new grants strategy

FPS recommendation was a 'ministerial condition' of signing off the Etherington Fundraising Review

The government insisted on the inclusion of a “reset button” in the Etherington Review before signing it off, the chair of the Fundraising Preference Service working group said yesterday.

Now is the time to sort out the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

Andrew O'Brien, head of policy and public affairs at the Charity Finance Group, says the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme has been underutilised.

Editor of the Mail on Sunday criticises FRSB in written submission to PACAC fundraising inquiry

The editor of the Mail on Sunday has written to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee to express “serious concerns over the effectiveness" of the FRSB in the wake of its investigation into Oxfam and Listen Ltd.

Workplace Giving UK owed over £120,000 to employees when it closed

Workplace Giving UK, the defunct payroll giving agency, owes 18 employees an estimated total of £120,135 in terms of redundancy and notice pay, according to documents published yesterday.

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