Under pressure: latest PFRA figures further proof of the damage done by the events of the summer

Under pressure: latest PFRA figures further proof of the damage done by the events of the summer 3

19 Apr 2016 | Hugh Radojev

New PFRA figures show that face-to-face fundraising levels have fallen to their lowest level since 2009/10. Hugh Radojev says this is likely to be the new normal for face-to-face fundraisers.


Under pressure: latest PFRA figures further proof of the damage done by the events of the summer

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Government criticises ‘irresponsible and immoral practices’ of some large charities

The government has attacked “irresponsible and immoral practices” at some large fundraising organisations and said they have damaged the sector as a whole, in its response to a parliamentary committee report on fundraising.

Are mid-sized charities falling through the cracks on self-regulation?

Big charities have the clout and small charities have the support. So what are mid-sized charities to do in the face of more restrictive fundraising regulation, asks Abigail Betts.

Rich gave away £2.66bn in last 12 months, says Sunday Times Giving List

Britain’s wealthiest people gave away £2.66bn in the last 12 months, with Elton John and JK Rowling among the most generous celebrities, according to figures released by The Sunday Times.

Queen’s birthday charity defends 'red risk' warning over application

The Patron’s Fund, set up to organise celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday, has defended itself after being categorised a "red risk" by the Charity Commission.

The move to longer term funding is great; this is one of the biggest complaints we get from the young people that we work with; they often ask "why is it that as soon as they get a project/activity that we like and benefit from, it gets taken away."

» Paul Hamlyn Foundation unveils new grants strategy

Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy receives $1m donation and changes its name

The Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University will become the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, after receiving just under £700,000 ($1m) from a US-based global fundraising consulting organisation.

Major donors giving away less of their wealth to charity, says NPC

New Philanthropy Capital has called for “more and better philanthropy” after the full Sunday Times Giving List showed that philanthropists gave away on average less than last year.

£43m raised digitally so far for London Marathon

Runners in yesterday’s London Marathon have already raised £43m through digital fundraising platforms, with the total amount set to exceed £50m for the first time.

Tony Hisgett

The charitable arm of the Tate gallery has outright refused to contribute the £15,000 set-up costs towards the Fundraising Regulator, becoming the first of the top 50 fundraising organisations approached to do so.

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