Hannah-Polly Williams

Is the sector doing enough to recruit and retain good young fundraisers?

27 Jul 2015

Good young fundraisers are worth their weight in gold, yet as Hannah-Polly Williams discovered at Fundraising First Thing, the sector still has work to do when it comes to retaining them.


Is the sector doing enough to recruit and retain good young fundraisers?

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Increased regulation should apply to the whole directing marketing sector, not just fundraising

Danielle Atkinson says restoring public trust in fundraisers is important, but new rules need to apply to the whole direct marketing sector, not just charities.

Society Diary: Looks like Americans love to f****** swear; mind you, so does Prince Philip

Our weekly round-up of interesting and outlandish information, collected from the corners of the charity sector.

Angela Cluff

Angela Cluff explores the pitfalls of modern fundraising and questions if there's a better way to do it. 

Why the Budget means charities will have to work harder for legacies

Changes to inheritance tax relief in the Budget will reduce incentives for people to leave legacies, and for professional advisors to talk about them, says Rob Cope of Remember a Charity.

Spot on Lucy, if a charity doesn't have a clear ambition, its absence will infect every fundraising ask they make. And that's daft.

» What would your charity do with a social fundraising windfall?

The best that we can be?

Short term thinking at large charities is damaging the sector and causing fundraisers to lose faith with their own profession, says Stephen Lee, professor of nonprofit management at Cass Business School.

Fundraisers need to listen to donors

If we want to keep donors long term, we need to start listening to them, says Cian Murphy

Final reactions to the IoF National Convention

With a heavy heart and bitter-sweet memories, fundraising reporter Hugh Radojev bids farewell to the IoF National Fundraising Convention with some impressions of the third and final day.

It's less about creating new fundraising rules, and more about enforcing the ones we've already got

The fundraising sector has responded to the controversy over Olive Cooke by tightening its standards, says Celina Ribeiro. But it would be more useful to talk about how to enforce existing rules and stop bad practice.

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22 Jul 2015

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All charity leaders are responsible for fundraising

14 Jul 2015

The tragic death of Olive Cooke was a defining moment for the sector and everyone involved in running...

Is the media spotlight on fundraising fair?

13 Jul 2015

No one emerges from the sad death of poppy-seller Olive Cooke with any credit, writes Ian Allsop.

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23 Jul 2015

Two Joseph Rowntree charities jointly became the first care provider to pay staff the living wage, and...

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The minister for civil society has made some welcome statements on charity campaigning, says Andrew Purkis,...

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14 Jul 2015

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