It's time we reclaimed the C-word

It's time we reclaimed the C-word

11 Feb 2016

Vicky Browning makes the case for taking back ownership of the word 'charity' and suggests some steps that the sector can take.


It's time we reclaimed the C-word

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Healthcare And Medical Research Karen Dale, Ali Acaster, Martin Edwards, Annabel Karmel MBE, Andrew Hind

When Julia’s House hospice won the Healthcare and Medical Research category at the Charity Awards 2012, it kicked off a chain of events that chief executive Martin Edwards could never have imagined.

The case of Olive Cooke shows the sector needs a culture change

The Fundraising Standards Board’s report into charities and Olive Cooke makes grim reading, and shows a need for an urgent change in the sector's mindset, says David Ainsworth.

Now is the time to sort out the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

Andrew O'Brien, head of policy and public affairs at the Charity Finance Group, says the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme has been underutilised.

Becky Slack

The controversies of 2015 should not have come as a surprise to fundraisers, says Becky Slack. There’s much that can be done to ensure future critical stories don’t cause as much damage.

Spot on Lucy, if a charity doesn't have a clear ambition, its absence will infect every fundraising ask they make. And that's daft.

» What would your charity do with a social fundraising windfall?


In the lead-up to the Christmas break, Civil Society News brought readers 12 of our favourite festive charity campaigns. In case you missed any, here they are.

The Times story today is scraping the bottom of the barrel, but we still can’t ignore it

The latest Times article is a weak story, says David Ainsworth, but it now represents part of a worrying trend.

Text Santa

For the 12th day of Civil Society Media’s 12 Days of Christmas, we feature the Christmas Jumper Day campaign. Rate the campaign to win a hamper and a free place at one of our events. 


For the 11th day of Civil Society Media’s 12 Days of Christmas, we feature Crisis’s ‘Crisis at Christmas’ campaign. Rate the campaign to win a hamper and a free place at one of our events.

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