The Fundraising Preference Service: much ado about nothing?

The Fundraising Preference Service: much ado about nothing? 2

29 Sep 2015 | Hugh Radojev

The Etherington Review’s proposed ‘Fundraising Preference Service’ has been met predominantly with horror in the sector. Hugh Radojev examines whether the worrying may be premature.   


The Fundraising Preference Service: much ado about nothing?

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Find foot. Take Aim. Shoot. The battle for the soul of fundraising.

The recent battles over the regulation of fundraising have been unfair on the FRSB and may not go far enough to prevent future scandals, says Andrew Scadding.

Fundraising will have to innovate to succeed in the world after the Etherington Review

The Etherington review has been driven by a deep public unease and the sector must accept it, says Stephen Cotterill, but a period of upheaval will follow that will require fresh thinking from fundraisers.

Charitable foundations should work together better

Charitable foundations should work together better and relieve some of the pressure felt by fundraisers, says Dan Corry.

Fundraising should be about building networks, not playing the numbers game

After an unprecedented summer of media and public scrutiny, the sector needs to change, says Richard Turner. Fundraisers can win the public and increase the amounts they raise at the same time.

Spot on Lucy, if a charity doesn't have a clear ambition, its absence will infect every fundraising ask they make. And that's daft.

» What would your charity do with a social fundraising windfall?

Charities 'need to defend their fundraising methods'

Charities that operate best practice need to defend their fundraising methods more stridently to turn the tide of public opinion back in their favour, say Stephen Cotterill and Celina Ribeiro.

We need to show respect for giving

Charities are reliant on donations, but gifts come with obligations to the gift-giver, says Kathy Evans, chief executive of Children England.

Sally Cupitt

Sally Cupitt explains why the evaluation of grant funding by charities needs to be more flexible and innovative. 

Well, you did say you wanted clarity

The telephone fundraising sector has repeatedly called for clarity on issues surrounding TPS. Now we have it, Hugh Radojev writes, some fundraisers may feel they could have been more careful what they wished for.

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