Dove Trust charities will be paid a third of what they are owed

Dove Trust charities will be paid a third of what they are owed

23 Jul 2014 | Jenna Pudelek

The charities and good causes owed money by the Dove Trust, owner of the suspended fundraising website CharityGiving, are due to start receiving payments in September, after a High Court ruling on how the charity must pay out the funds owed.


Dove Trust charities will be paid a third of what they are owed

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Volunteers not protected by discrimination law, tribunal rules

Volunteers are not protected by the Disability Discrimination Act because they are not covered by the term “occupation”, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled. 

ActionAid looks to change banks after HSBC cluster bomb shame

ActionAid International is planning to withdraw its business from HSBC because of the bank’s record of working with a company that manufactures cluster bombs and other banned munitions.  

Spelling out good practice

A strong legacy in the charity sector benefitted haysmacintyre this month.

Existing charity model 'will never solve the world's problems' says Pallotta

Charities need to be liberated to enable them to use the tools of commerce if they are to make any dent in the world’s most intractable problems, US fundraiser Dan Pallotta told delegates at Charity Finance Live last month.

Congratulations to the RNLI - this only goes to prove that working on long term (and short term for that matter) legacies really pays dividends in the end.

» RNLI legacy income rises to record £118m

New model for disaster relief can cut costs threefold

The cost of delivering disaster aid to poor countries can be substantially cut by producing and storing relief goods locally, according to a new report from Cardiff University.  

Free online CIF benchmarking service unveiled

A free online service that analyses and ranks every Common Investment Fund for charities has been launched by Allenbridge Group plc.

Finance director pay drops

The average salary for finance directors in the sector who participated in Acevo’s annual salary survey, is £49,397 – nearly £2,000 less than last year.  

First UK corporate bond CIF launches

Epworth has launched the UK’s first corporate bond common investment fund - the Affirmative Corporate Bond Fund, worth £106m and yielding 5 per cent.

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