William Castelll, chair, Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust's investment portfolio reaches £18bn

19 Dec 2014 | Kirsty Weakley

The Wellcome Trust has posted a 15.4 per cent return on its investment portfolio, earning £2.5bn for the year to 30 September 2014.


Wellcome Trust's investment portfolio reaches £18bn

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Diamond Dividend is real civic opportunity of 2012 says social enterprise

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 could be used to drive £4bn in giving if plans suggested by a social enterprise are adopted by Buckingham Palace.

CTG launches rebate campaign around VAT rise

Charity Tax Group is to ask the government to give charities the same VAT relief on non-business expenditure that local authorities are entitled to, on the 2.5 per cent VAT increase announced in today’s Budget.

Capital gains tax rise 'good for philanthropy'

The rise in Capital Gains Tax announced in the emergency Budget could have a positive impact on philanthropy if wealthy individuals seek to avoid paying the higher rate by gifting more assets to charities.

Unprotected departmental budgets face average cuts of 25 per cent

Whitehall departments that are not ringfenced from public spending cuts will have to swallow average real budget reductions of around 25 per cent over the next four years, Chancellor George Osborne announced last month.

I hope this is an example that other medical charities will follow as it is very difficult to explain to the public why there are so many charities for certain causes.

» Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer announce merger

VAT hike will add £143m to charities' VAT bill

The coalition government’s move to raise VAT to 20 per cent from 4 January next year will lost the charity sector in the region of £143m, Charity Tax Group has estimated.

Children's charities put budget plans through 'fairness test'

A coalition of children’s charities has called on the government to adopt a fairness test to assess the social impact of budgeting decisions.

Government refuses to bail out Refugee and Migrant Justice

Secretary of State for Justice Ken Clarke has blamed Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ) itself for its collapse, saying that all other organisations had managed to adjust to changes in the government’s legal aid payment system.

Charities reduce energy bills with voltage optimisation

Amnesty International and Greenpeace are hoping to save £4,410 and £1,286 per annum respectively on their head office energy bills by adopting voltage power optimisation technology.

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CRUK crowdfunding effort flops

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Cancer Research UK’s three new crowdfunding campaigns did not manage to raise even 10 per cent of the...

Volunteering platform Do-it relaunches

12 Dec 2014

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‘The challenge is getting people to use IT systems’

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Whatever type of customer-relationship management system charities use, the biggest challenge is convincing...