Rob Wilson MP, minister for civil society

Minister outlines plans for massive transfer of services to voluntary sector 6

8 Dec 2014 | Tania Mason

The new minister for civil society wants to see “billions of pounds” more public services delivered by charities and social enterprises over the next few years and plans to embark on a massive new capacity-building programme to enable it to happen.


Minister outlines plans for massive transfer of services to voluntary sector

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St Giles Trust celebrating winning the Advice, support and advocacy catergory at The Charity Awards 2014

The Charity Awards 2015 opens for entries today, and charities are encouraged to submit applications for their most effective and impactful projects.

Community right to challenge 'will never work' Navca tells Commons committee

Measures in the Localism Act intended to give more power to local charities are “fatally flawed” and will never be useful in their current form, local infrastructure body Navca has told a Commons committee.

Cabinet Office proposes doubling charity audit threshold to £1m

The Cabinet Office has launched a consultation on doubling the income thresholds above which charities must have their accounts audited.


Essex Police are “taking from the greedy and giving to the needy” with a new scheme that will give the proceeds of criminal activity to charity.

Congratulations to the RNLI - this only goes to prove that working on long term (and short term for that matter) legacies really pays dividends in the end.

» RNLI legacy income rises to record £118m

Social Investment Business

Charities and social enterprises have won investments and contracts worth over £117m after receiving grants from a fund aimed at building capacity.

Credit: Michal Osmenda

British Gas is to pay £11.1m to charity to benefit vulnerable customers after an investigation by Ofgem found the company failed to meet its environmental obligations.

Liam Black

Charities and social enterprises can become so focused on pleasing funders that they lose sight of beneficiaries, a social enterprise conference heard yesterday.

Women’s organisations are struggling and need investment, study finds

Women’s organisations in the UK voluntary sector are struggling to survive in the post-recession era and most are drawing on their reserves to stay afloat, a new study by Rosa has found.

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