UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 under the microscope

UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 under the microscope

4 Apr 2014 | David Ainsworth
Tags: Funding

Charity Finance deputy editor David Ainsworth looks underneath the figures in this year's UK Civil Society Almanac.


UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 under the microscope

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Simon Maddrell - chief executive, Excellent Development

Ian Allsop finds out about Simon Maddrell's future goals for award-winning charity Excellent Development.

Public Concern at Work

Gareth Jones finds out about the work of Public Concern at Work Public Concern at Work (PCaW) was founded Guy Dehn, a barrister working for the National Consumer Council, in the wake of disasters such as the capsize of the Herald of Free Enterprise car ferry in 1987, the Piper Alpha oil platform fire in 1988 and the BCCI corruption scandal in 1991. Inquiries had demonstrated that in each case someone had known information that could have averted the disasters, and Dehn saw the need to reach out to potential whistleblowers, offering them advice and support as to how they could have their concern dealt with.

Taking positive action

Vibeka Mair talks to Vicki Foster-Taylor, financial controller of ActionAid's international secretariat.

Best laid plans

Don Bawtree shares some tips on surviving the downturn and maintaining your brand.

The widely held view that charities should stick to doing good works and stay clear of campaigning is a recipe for social stagnation. The world has changed, charities need to change with it and speak truth to power about what it takes to solve root causes of societal ills rather than pussyfoot around problems.

» Liberal influence: Andrew Hind interviews Lord Rennard

Funding fathers

Richard Gutch reviews how the sector is financed. Over the last 15 years the funding landscape for the third sector has changed dramatically. The launch of the National Lottery, the creation of new government funds like Futurebuilders and ChangeUp, the development of social investment products by Charity Bank and others and the introduction of venture philanthropy have all been part of this change, along with increasing contract income from government and growing voluntary income.

Reversing the charges

Keith Lawson reviews the implications for charities of a European VAT decision The European court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that reverse charge VAT is due on services purchased for wholly non-business purposes in Kollektivavtalsstiftelsen TRR Trygghetsrådet v Skatteverket (C-291/07). This means that taxable persons must account for reverse charge VAT on acquiring cross-border consultancy services, even where those services are to be used exclusively for non-business purposes.

Planning permissions

Debbie Jennings offers some tips on VAT and tax planning for tough times. It seems that the only topic on everyone's mind at the moment is the economic downturn or credit crunch. Organisations in all sectors, including charities, are looking at ways of cutting their costs and improving cashflow, and VAT and tax planning can offer a surprising variety of opportunities in this area.

Making a connection

Toby Eccles explores connecting capital markets to social need. The economic downturn is a present reminder of shocks that affect our society. However, there are many external influences that shape society such as globalisation, new technology, climate change and an ageing population. These factors present opportunities but also create new social problems. The social economy has been growing for several years and government's role is changing, commissioning more from third sector organisations which can be more agile in responding to changing social needs. However, the third sector's ability to respond effectively is inhibited by the way that it is currently financed. Investment capital is largely limited to grant funding and loans, both of which have their drawbacks. Grants are expensive to raise and tend to be restricted to funding current service provision. Loans, on the other hand, are generally only available where they can be secured against assets. This leaves little finance available for organisations to adapt, change and invest in their workforce or infrastructure. They also contend with uncertain revenue streams that are not always aligned with the organisations' social impact.

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