Sector 'extraordinarily disconnected' from public, CFG chair says

Sector 'extraordinarily disconnected' from public, CFG chair says 3

15 Apr 2014 | David Ainsworth

Charities are becoming “extraordinarily disconnected” from donors and supporters who do not understand the work they do, Ian Theodoreson, chair of the Charity Finance Group and chief financial officer of the Church of England, said last week.


Sector 'extraordinarily disconnected' from public, CFG chair says

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Howard League to tackle Catch 22 over prison concerns

Howard League for Penal Reform is meeting Catch 22, the first charity to win a bid to manage a prison, to discuss its concerns about charities running prisons. Frances Crook, chief executive of Howard League, initially sought to speak to Charity Commission chair Dame Suzi Leather to discuss her worries about charities running prisons after Catch 22, crime prevention charity Turning Point and private service deliverer Serco won a Ministry of Justice bid to run Baghull and Belmarsh West prisons in July.

My inspiration: Dennis Brown, traveller and intellectual

This week, a group of bright and energetic young people from a major auditing business visited one of our hostels. As part of their corporate social responsibility commitment the company wants to support Thames Reach. The hostel residents have all spent many years sleeping rough on the streets. Sitting in the garden, our visitors listen transfixed to Michael who has the battered visage and colourful life history that fascinates, shocks and appals. They are intrigued too by the staff - and puzzled. ‘What made you enter this line of work?’ they ask. These are good people, but the sub-text is indisputably: ‘Why would articulate, educated and capable people like you want to do this work when you could earn vastly greater sums of money and attain greater status in the corporate sector’? Then, predictably, they also ask me, ‘Who inspired you?’ I can feel the short-list being shoved in my direction. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mandela?

Shaw Trust finally replaces Ian Charlesworth

The Shaw Trust has recruited a public sector social services professional as its chief executive to succeed Ian Charlesworth who was ousted in a bitter row a year ago.

Social investment bank could "drown" other players, warns Hayday

Malcolm Hayday, chief executive of Charity Bank has warned that the proposed Social Investment Wholesale Bank could have the effect of “turning on the tap to seedlings and seeing them all just drown”. The government is currently consulting on the form and function of a proposed Social Investment Wholesale Bank (SIWB). The consultation document makes clear that the SIWB will not lend to frontline service delivery charities, but to those intermediaries that already inhabit the retail social investment market – like Charity Bank.

Tax avoidance may be legal, but it is still obnoxious. And the rest of us pay additional tax as a result. If I were asked whether the accountants and legal experts who set up these schemes are 'fit and proper persons', I know what my answer would be.

» Definition of charity for tax purposes 'attacks charities, not tax avoiders'

Which? moots own-brand product line

Which?, the charity that campaigns for consumer value, is examining the potential for launching some own-brand products and services into markets that it judges currently give consumers a raw deal.

Hickey relinquishes CFDG helm

Keith Hickey is to leave his role as chief executive of the CFDG to become group director of resources at the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). He will depart in October having led the umbrella body since 2006, during which time membership increased by 35 per cent.

Appearances can be deceiving: Charity 100 Index September 2009

Gareth Jones looks at how two special cases make reading the true health of the Charity 100 Index difficult.

New money

With government finances shot to pieces by the economic crisis, it is clear there will be a shortage of public cash available for charities in the near and medium term. This will have a negative impact on many charities but the likelihood is that it will affect small and medium-sized charities (SMCs) more than very large or very small charities.

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