The Big Society Old Boys' Network

The Big Society Old Boys' Network

23 Jan 2015

The Big Society Network was set up to help deliver David Cameron’s Big Society vision. But its close links to the government – and the ease with which it won public money – means the concept is now discredited. By Tania Mason.


The Big Society Old Boys' Network

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Mergers require special consideration for the employees. Christina Morton explains the regulations that you should pay attention to.

Social housing

A European court decision offers potential eviction protection for social housing tenants. Elizabeth Petch explains.


A recent European ruling threatens UK salary sacrifice schemes. Robert Warne runs through the possible implications.

Nick Hurd

Nick Hurd has faced a grilling in parliamentary questions over how the Charity Commission would be expected to perform its main functions in the face of cuts amounting to a third of its funding.

I hope this is an example that other medical charities will follow as it is very difficult to explain to the public why there are so many charities for certain causes.

» Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer announce merger

Abolition of cheques in 2018 not definite, says Payments Council

The Payments Council has decided not to push ahead with the abolition of cheques unless charities and other organisations are prepared for it.

Child benefit change could boost fundraising

Charities could find new opportunities for donors among higher rate tax-paying families not wanting to lose their child benefit under the government’s new plans for state benefits, according to professor of charity studies Gareth Morgan.

Arts funding hit hard

Arts organisations are facing an across-the-board 6.9 per cent cut in funding next financial year as Arts Council England plans how to absorb the “severe” 29.6 per cent cut to its budget over the next four years.

What's really happening out there: the minister hears from the grassroots

Minister for civil society Nick Hurd faced a barrage of questions and concerns about how the new government’s cuts and plans are impacting the sector, at a roundtable event organised by the Directory of Social Change yesterday.

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