Liam Black

Liam Black: focus on funders can make you lose sight of beneficiaries

26 Nov 2014 | Kirsty Weakley

Charities and social enterprises can become so focused on pleasing funders that they lose sight of beneficiaries, a social enterprise conference heard yesterday.


Liam Black: focus on funders can make you lose sight of beneficiaries

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Finance model

As the cuts cloud engulfs the UK, could new models of financing provide the bright light the sector needs? Jonathan Lewis thinks so.

Transition fund aimed at charities with income of £50k to £10m

The £100m transition fund announced by the government will be targeted at service-delivery organisations that have low levels of reserves and high dependence on public funding streams that are particularly vulnerable to budget cuts, civil society minister Nick Hurd said today.

DfID budget to grow by 50 per cent by 2014/15

Government funding for the Department of International Development (DfID) will grow by nearly 50 per cent to £11.5bn by 2014/15, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced.

Transition fund must not reward bad practice, says Navca chief

Navca has described the £100m transition fund as a “big surprise and very welcome” but warned that it should not be allocated to charities in areas where the council has treated the local sector badly.

I hope this is an example that other medical charities will follow as it is very difficult to explain to the public why there are so many charities for certain causes.

» Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer announce merger

Dame Suzi Leather

The Charity Commission will see its annual funding drop by 27 per cent over the next four years as a result of the government’s spending review, and will have to cut another 140 staff.

copyright M Holland

The government plans to spend £470m over the next four years building the capacity of the voluntary sector to deliver the Big Society, it announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review today.

George Osbourne Copyright M Holland

The government has just announced a one-year, £100m transition fund to help the voluntary sector adjust to new public spending budgets.

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Roberta Blackman-Woods has been named as Labour’s shadow minister for civil society.

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