Alan Sharpe: Looking after reserves

Alan Sharpe: Looking after reserves

2 Sep 2014 | David Ainsworth

Alan Sharpe of the RSPB tells David Ainsworth that understanding people is the key to success as an FD.


Alan Sharpe: Looking after reserves

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Lennartz appeal fails

Socrates Socratous and Linda Skilbeck report on the result of the first UK VAT case since the ECJ’s decision in VNLTO cast doubt on the Lennartz principle.

Commission refuses to change Catholic Care gay adoption decision

The Charity Commission has again ruled that Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) may not change its objects in order to exclude homosexual couples from accessing its adoption services.

Commission pleads with Treasury for access to its own reserves

The Charity Commission is lobbying the Treasury to allow it to spend £1.5m in reserves that the Commission has accumulated in recent years.

Shaw Trust relieved at DWP decision on Work Choice contracts

The Shaw Trust has had confirmation from the Department of Work and Pensions that the Work Choice programme will go ahead and that the contract awarded to it by the previous government would stand.

Tax avoidance may be legal, but it is still obnoxious. And the rest of us pay additional tax as a result. If I were asked whether the accountants and legal experts who set up these schemes are 'fit and proper persons', I know what my answer would be.

» Definition of charity for tax purposes 'attacks charities, not tax avoiders'

Millions giving more

In this second in a series of articles, Fiona Ellis and Richard Gutch outline the Funding Commission’s emerging recommendations on individual giving.

New toolkit will help councils assess Compact savings

The Commission for the Compact is poised to launch a toolkit that will demonstrate to local authorities how much money they can save by using the Compact in their dealings with voluntary sector groups.

Government to treat v differently in strategic partner review

Government strategic partner v is "being treated differently" from other strategic partners who are facing a government review, Civil Society has learned.

Does this church grant rumour offer clues to future funding?

Gareth Jones asks whether the suggestion of a £5m government grant for the Church Urban Fund is a portent of things to come.

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