Kids Company failed to build reserves despite receiving £90m unrestricted income

Kids Company failed to build reserves despite receiving £90m unrestricted income 2

25 Aug 2015 | Kirsty Weakley

Kids Company reported a deficit in its free reserves in six of the past ten years despite receiving more than £90m in unrestricted income over the last decade - almost 80 per cent of all funding.


Kids Company failed to build reserves despite receiving £90m unrestricted income

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Kids Company paid LSE nearly £40,000 for impact report

Kids Company has suffered further media criticism after it was revealed that the charity paid the London School of Economics almost £40,000 for a glowing report about the impact of its work.

What went wrong at Kids Company?

David Ainsworth explores possible reasons for the fall of Kids Company, which announced plans to go into liquidation yesterday.

Coldplay bids to rescue Kids Company service

The band Coldplay, which has donated around £8m to Kids Company over the years, is in talks with other philanthropists to save the charity's Treehouse Centre.

Kids Company expected to announce closure today

Kids Company is expected to announce the closure of its services at the end of today and the Cabinet Office is reported to be seeking to recover a £3m restructuring grant it awarded the charity last month.

A giant of the charity sector, but an even greater friend. I am truly devastated that Dave is no longer with us.

» Former Citizens Advice chief David Harker dies

Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into Kids Company

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into Kids Company, which collapsed last week, and the High Court has appointed the Insolvency Service as the liquidator.

A culture of arrogance was at the root of Kids Company’s woes

Kids Company received enough unrestricted income that it could have built up sufficient reserves to see it through the crisis that led to its collapse. Kirsty Weakley asks why it did not.

Caron Bradshaw

Charity Finance Group chief executive Caron Bradshaw examines what the closure of Kids Company means to the charity sector.

Kids Company announces immediate closure

Kids Company has this evening announced that it has closed with immediate effect, with the likely loss of around 650 jobs.

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