Plans to add extra step to digital gift aid ‘completely ridiculous’

Plans to add extra step to digital gift aid ‘completely ridiculous’

3 May 2016 | Hugh Radojev

A plan to introduce a “pre-donation questionnaire” for supporters before they can make gift aided donations online has been criticised as “completely ridiculous” and damaging to giving.


Plans to add extra step to digital gift aid ‘completely ridiculous’

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The Common Reporting Standard will ‘horribly affect’ some charities

Many grant-givers will “be really horribly affected” by an “onerous” new international transparency regime, a tax conference heard last week.

 Income needed to enter the Charity 250 Index rises 20 per cent

A number of Christian charities were among the largest new entrants and fastest risers in the Charity 250 Index – a list of the UK’s largest charities maintained by Charity Finance magazine.

Intermediary appointed to address charity concerns with apprenticeship levy

Damian Hinds, exchequer secretary to the Treasury, has announced a point of contact for charities in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to help with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy.

HMRC Credit: Furgus Burnett

HM Revenue & Customs has updated its guidance on digital gift aid, and said it will introduce a “pre-donation questionnaire” which supporters must complete before they can make gift aided donations online.

Charity Finance was (and is) a truly proper read for anyone working in this industry. It was like Daniel himself - decent, informative, full of integrity and with a sprinkling of humour to lighten the load.

» Daniel Phelan: Publisher, editor, social entrepreneur, intellectual

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust saw its net assets jump from £130m to £141m last year, thanks in part to an "exceptional" VAT rebate of £6.5m, its latest set of accounts reveal. 

Kids Company to lead to tighter rules around government grant giving

The government has promised that there will be greater scrutiny before awarding grants to charities, as it rolls out a raft of measures as a result of the collapse of Kids Company.

Government ‘pausing on implementation’ of anti-advocacy clause

The government has said it is “pausing on implementation” of the anti-advocacy clause, which will restrict organisations that receive taxpayers' money from lobbying government.

Unity Trust Bank lending increased 56 per cent

Unity Trust Bank has revealed that its lending has increased by 56 per cent in 2015 to £46.8m, according to its Social Impact Report.

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