Professor Paul Palmer

Finance directors must have more responsibility for finding new sources of funding 3

3 Aug 2015 | Paul Palmer

Professor Paul Palmer argues that educational underinvestment is preventing finance directors from taking the lead in exploiting new forms of funding.


Finance directors must have more responsibility for finding new sources of funding

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Banking blog: Three charities and their experience of loan finance

Carolyn Sims, head of banking at Charity Bank, shares useful case studies of charities that have taken out loans to help achieve their missions.

Michael Birtwistle, NCVO

A financial review published today warns that the sector faces a £4.6bn shortfall. Michael Birtwistle, senior policy officer at NCVO and co-author of the report, highlights ten steps charities can take to become more sustainable.

Investment blog: Five key questions to ask fund managers before you invest endowments or reserves

Richard Macey, director of charities at M&G Investments, runs through the most important questions to ask fund managers before placing your endowment or reserve with them.

Olive Cooke

The tragic death of Olive Cooke was a defining moment for the sector and everyone involved in running a charity is responsible for addressing the issues, says Andrew Hind.

It is grotesque to hear that an executive of an anti-poverty charity demands to be paid fives times the UK median wage.

» The CEO's pay must be set by trustees

Ian Allsop

No one emerges from the sad death of poppy-seller Olive Cooke with any credit, writes Ian Allsop.

John Tate

John Tate reviews the latest developments in accounting software but doubts whether they will deliver the systems integration charities require.

Four things I learnt at the Charity Property Conference

Civil Society Media's event and content producer Jenni Cahill gives her observations from the Charity Property Conference which took place on Tuesday.

What should charities be looking out for in the Chancellor’s Summer Budget?

With the Budget to come tomorrow, Andrew O'Brien of the Charity Finance Group asks what charities must look out for.

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