So farewell then, Sir Stephen

So farewell then, Sir Stephen

24 May 2016 | Gareth Jones

Sir Stephen Bubb’s work at Acevo is a reminder of why mergers are not always a good thing, says Gareth Jones.


So farewell then, Sir Stephen

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Why we invest our endowment 100 per cent socially

James Perry of Panahpur explains why his charity has taken its portfolio out of the mainstream stock market.

Want to grow your charity? It's all about impact

For those of you considering the merits of social investment, CAN’s Rohan Martyres provides advice on how to use your impact to guide your overall strategy.

Obscure terminology rarely promotes progressive reform

Genevieve Maitland Hudson says that the rhetoric around 'systems change' can cause more headaches than it cures.

Chin up or chexit? Charities and the EU referendum

Ian Allsop gives his sage advice on how you should vote in the EU referendum.

Whatever the motivation behind the idea that charities be required to publish their expenditure on campaigning and political work in their annual returns, I don't think we should reject it too quickly. While such a requirement should not become burdensome for charities, any move towards greater transparency and accountability, in our sector as in others, is a positive one.

» Public benefit test - to be, or not to be?

Confessions of an introvert

Gareth Jones says the finance director must overcome the introverted stereotype and become involved in the organisation's strategic direction.

Seven ways to put spring into your charity’s finances

One in seven charity chief executives say their organisation is struggling to survive. Neil Poynton of the Charities Aid Foundation looks at the ways charities can nurture financial resilience.

George Osborne’s Libor grantmaking continues to raise questions

The Chancellor's Budget speech played up personal connections while the Treasury still refuses to explain its assessment process for Libor funding, says Gareth Jones.

How to measure performance and set unrestricted reserves

Measuring effectiveness and setting reserves are two of the most common problems faced by charities, says Mark Salway of Cass Business School.

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