Dan Corry

Why a raid on the Big Lottery Fund will blow up in the government's face 3

20 Nov 2015

A raid on the Big Lottery Fund money would be hated by every single MP, says Dan Corry, chief executive of NPC.


Why a raid on the Big Lottery Fund will blow up in the government's face

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 Auditors aren’t enough – charities need scrutiny from people who understand their work

The Kids Company scandal shows auditors alone cannot scrutinise charities, says Genevieve Maitland Hudson. They need regular and effective assessment from someone who understands their work.

Ivan Wainewright

Ivan Wainewright says that a successful database implementation is about much more than choosing a great customer-relationship management system.

Charity Finance

As he takes the helm at Charity Finance, Gareth Jones looks at the opportunities and challenges of being able to file accounts electronically with the Charity Commission.


Sir Stuart may not have gone far enough with his plan for a Fundraising Preference Service, says Ian Allsop.

It is grotesque to hear that an executive of an anti-poverty charity demands to be paid fives times the UK median wage.

» The CEO's pay must be set by trustees

Twitter reactions to the Kids Company NAO report

Today the National Audit Office released its damning report into the failures at Kids Company. Some reactions have been compiled here.

 Why Only Connect decided to merge with Catch22

Danny Kruger, outgoing chief executive of Only Connect, says small charities are doomed to operate at the margins unless they unite and work with larger institutions.

Overall winner 2015 Lumos, with minister for civil society Rob Wilson and John Low, chief executive of overall Charity Awards partner

Today our group editor Tania Mason appeared on You and Yours on Radio 4, debating the value of charity awards ceremonies with Dame Hilary Blume. In this blog Tania expands on her arguments; we invite Dame Hilary - and readers - to respond.

If all your money comes from government, should you be called a charity?

Delegates at the Conservative Party conference heard that organisations funded by government should not be called charities. David Ainsworth examines the arguments.

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The Kids Company affair shows evidence still doesn’t drive funding decisions – but it should

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