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Leigh Daynes, executive director, Doctors of the World UK

This week World Vision USA reversed its decision to hire married gay people after opposition from donors. Its anti-gay marriage stance is an "insidious tip of an iceberg" warns Leigh Daynes.

Civil Society's Alice Sharman took part in the #nomakeupselfie

Cancer charity CLIC Sargent has received a donation windfall courtesy of the #nomakeupselfie craze. Its fundraising director Lucy Caldicott is delighted, but highlights that it is essential that charities now plan for such eventualities.

Fundraisers should be champions for transparency

Which is the right approach for you? Fundraisers must take the lead in pushing for transparency above and beyond what is legally mandated, says Celina Ribeiro.

What the pension reforms mean

In recent months several amendments have been made to pension legislation to address the pensions deficit. Andy Williams explains.

Spot on Lucy, if a charity doesn't have a clear ambition, its absence will infect every fundraising ask they make. And that's daft.

» What would your charity do with a social fundraising windfall?

A good bet? Income from raffles and lotteries

Income from raffles and lotteries has remained strong in the face of economic downturn, but is there even more room to grow? Joe Saxton outlines new research on how charities are using lotteries and what's holding them back.

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