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Chris Mould: 'those in power are sidestepping their responsibility to vulnerable people'

The chair of the Trussell Trust talks about why government threatened to shut his charity down, and how sector independence is under threat.

Paula Sussex, new CEO of the Charity Commission

The sector ought to give Paula Sussex a chance, says Leon Ward.

Simon Blake, chief executive of Brook

There are ups and downs to being a charity chief executive on social media, says Simon Blake, but it's essential to be part of the conversation.

The Charity Commission's identity crisis

Sector umbrellas have complained about the Commission’s intervention into the lobbying bill, saying it illustrates a lack of support for charities. Leon Ward wonders if the sector is having an identity crisis on behalf of the Charity Commission.

Film of the week: Brain Awareness Week

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability illustrates the difference that technology most of us take for granted can make to those most in need.

Film of the week: Beanstalk promotional film

A jaw-dropping 60 per cent of the prison population is functionally illiterate, according to Beanstalk, a charity helping children to read. In this poignant film Beanstalk presents Jack, and his potential futures.

Film of the week: The Great Daffodil Appeal 2013 - Symmetry

With the message that “your final moments should mean as much as your first”, Marie Curie’s 2013 Great Daffodil Appeal advert had more than one person in the civilsociety.co.uk office reaching for a tissue. 

Film of the week: Amnesty's 'When a letter is all that is needed'

The humble letter has extraordinary power, as demonstrated by Amnesty International in its latest film showcasing some of the successes of its global letter writing marathon.

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