Charity Property Conference 2014

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The Charity Property Conference takes place on 8 July at BMA House, London. This one-day conference is specifically designed to address the needs of those responsible for charity property management. The event will it provide you with the opportunity to obtain insight on a number of key issues and deliver the chance for you to network with peers and leading property experts in the sector.

Mark 8 July in your diary and make the Charity Property Conference part of your strategic planning process in 2014. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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Trustee Exchange 2014

Find solutions to shared charity governance issues at this essential one-day conference for chairs, chief executives and trustees.

Fundraising First Thing

From social to CRM: exploring the fundraising potential of big data

Charity Investment Forum 2014

Gain knowledge from trusted experts to help shape your charity's investment strategy and maximise the return on your portfolio.

Charity Technology Conference 2013

Ensure you are informed on the latest concepts and keep up with the pace of progress.

Trustees' Week Seminars

To mark Trustees’ Week Governance magazine and Farrer & Co will be hosting two FREE seminars to bring together chairs, treasurers and trustees to discuss topics under our over-arching theme 'Surviving in hard times'.

Charity Investment Conference 2013

Gain insights to help you maximise your charity's investment portfolio.

Charity Property Conference 2013

Make the most out of developments in property ownership and occupation.

Charity VAT & Tax Conference 2013

Ensure you're not left behind in the ever-evolving world of charity taxation.

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