Charity Finance Summit

Charity Concepts 2016

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A training course on the fundamentals of charities. 
Exploring the key structural, governance and functional issues facing charities, this one-day training course will provide you with an overview of charities, the way they work, and the context in which they carry out their activities.
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Trustee Exchange 2016

Find solutions to shared charity governance issues at this essential one-day conference for chairs, chief executives and trustees.

FFT March 2016

Interactive breakfast seminars which provide a unique forum for open debate and an opportunity to connect with your peers.

Charity Investment Forum 2016

Gain knowledge from trusted experts to help shape your charity's investment strategy and maximise the return on your portfolio.

Fundraising Live 2016

A conference specifically designed to connect, inspire and inform fundraisers.


Join us to discuss the emerging role of philanthropy as part of private wealth management and the investment strategies of high net worth individuals. 

Charity Finance Summit 2015

The Charity Finance Summit balances technical, gritty accounting and tax topics with strategic and 'bigger picture' views to deliver a excellent opportunity to bring your finance team up-to-date on the key issues facing charities today.

People and Culture Conference 2015

Building a better charity workplace.

Fundraising First Thing

Join us to discuss how UK charities are responding to the current crisis. 

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