Charity Property Conference

Charity Property Conference

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The overarching theme of our eighth annual Charity Property Conference is “change;” with the recent general election, a volatile market and a difficult funding climate, now is an opportune time for strategic review.
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Fundraising First Thing_ Crowdfunding

Join us to discuss how fundraisers are using this platform to showcase innovative projects, engage supporters and tap in to the potential of giving via social media.

Trustee Exchange 2015

Find solutions to shared charity governance issues at this essential one-day conference for chairs, chief executives and trustees.

Fundraising First Thing - The big money question

Join us to debate what high-net-worth individuals really look for when considering a partnership, what drives them and how charities could use this insight to get better results.

Charity Finance Investment Forum

Gain knowledge from trusted experts to help shape your charity's investment strategy and maximise the return on your portfolio.

Fundraising Live 2015

A conference specifically designed to connect, inspire and inform fundraisers.

Charity Technology Conference 2014

Debate best practice, share innovative solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

Event sold out

Some write-off direct mail as a dinosaur, but for others who are breathing new life into the channel, it is generating great returns.

Charity Finance Summit 2014 - now sold out

Incorporating a wider breadth of charity finance subjects alongside established streams on charity VAT & tax and charity investment.

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