Charity Property Conference 2012

Charity Property Conference 2012

Charity Property Conference 2012

Events | 15 Oct 2012

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State of the Nation
An insider’s overview of the current state of the UK property sector, including tips and insights on how you can capitalise on the low interest-rate environment, how to wring the most value from your property assets and what mistakes to avoid.
Zac Goodman, Third Sector Property

i. Strategy – structuring your property portfolio to support delivery

A guide to the key elements in developing a property portfolio strategy illustrated by the experience of transforming a disparate property portfolio which had grown organically over time into a focused selection of assets strategically planned for delivering services, as well as providing more flexibility and visibility for the charity.
Oliver Judges, former head of property, Action on Hearing Loss

ii. Redeveloping a listed building in a Conservation Area and issues arising around running a hub

Cambridge House recently completed a £5.6m refurbishment of its 120-year-old Southwark headquarters, creating a community resource centre that now offers meeting rooms, advice services, a nursery and is home to 11 different charities. But it was a calculated risk and the jury is still out on whether  it will pay off…
Burger Edwards, director of development, Cambridge House
David Orbell, project manager, Orbell Associates

Planning and Construction

i. Maudsley Charity is building a £7m, state-of-the-art Centre of Learning on the site of the Maudsley Hospital in south east London, which will be run as a social enterprise. The charity sold a number of other properties to fund the development, and has employed contracting model PPC2000 to select developers, designers and contractors.
Paul Mitchell, director and Kumar Jacob, chair, Maudsley Charity

ii. Karen Phull and Edward Banyard Smith of Farrer & Co identify the learnings in the Maudsley case study and examine other common but crucial planning and contractual issues when embarking on construction projects.

Thinking of moving your HQ? – Here’s what to do, and what not to do

i. Taking a commercial mortgage and buying a new head office instead of renting was a no-brainer in today’s financial climate, according to this learning disability charity.
Tony Hind, finance director, Avalon Group

ii. Asthma UK is about to move head office again, and has its fingers firmly crossed that this goes more smoothly than its last move seven years ago. In this session, we hear a horror story never before told in public which highlights the risks in using pro bono legal advice.
Ian Bucknell, former operations director at Asthma UK

iii. Nick Ivey and Jamie Huard from Bates Wells and Braithwaite review the key legal issues and provide an essential checklist for any charity considering a move.


1. Investing in your own property for occupation

Should your charity buy or lease its HQ? Both solutions have merits as well as longer-term implications. Attend this session to unravel the main issues and help you chart a clearer course.

Jamie Huard, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite with Tony Hind, Avalon Group

2. Co-locating, subletting and sharing

As funding pressures increase, you may find that sharing premises can reduce costs. Join this session to discuss variations on this theme and the issues and relationships that need most care.

Nick Ivey, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite and Jonathan Vanstone-Walker, Third Sector Property

3. Buying and selling across a portfolio

Are you finding that managing a portfolio of freehold and leasehold property – whether for investment use or occupation – can be quite a headache? This session allows you to explore your challenges and helps you shape a strategy to maximize effectiveness and value.

Yonni Abramson, Third Sector Property and Gavin Acheson, Farrer & Co

4. Governance – winning trustee buy-in

A large part of your charity’s ‘family silver’ may be tied up in real estate and you and your trustees may be reluctant to ‘plunder the pot’. Join this group to discuss the role of property in your charity’s mission and how to unlock the potential in your property assets.

Oliver Judges, Action on Hearing Loss and Anne-Marie Piper, Farrer & Co

5. Funding your property project

Your charity has a property acquisition or development in mind and now all you need do is find the money! This group will focus on how, when and where to apply for grant-funding and what banks need to know when considering loans.

Steve Mannix and Paul Martin, senior manager, The Co-operative Bank

6. Planning issues

Join this group for practical tips on planning issues, whether you are submitting your own planning application or responding to neighbouring developments.

Karen Phull, Farrer & Co and Nick Sutcliffe, PPS Group

7. Development projects and joint ventures

This session allows you to explore questions on setting up and monitoring progress with construction procurement contracts or managing joint ventures with developers.

Charles Anderson and Edward Banyard Smith, Farrer & Co

8. Lease issues

Do you have problems with your lease? Take this chance to discuss a whole range of potential issues from dilapidations to restrictive covenants to early termination provisions.

Zac Goodman, Third Sector Property and Will Scott, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite