Charity Investment Conference 2012

Charity Investment Conference 2012

Charity Investment Conference 2012

Events | 15 Oct 2012

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Global economic outlook

Edward Bonham Carter, chief executive, Jupiter Asset Management

Cash management: challenges and opportunities

Responsible for almost £2bn of cash for charities, Royal London Asset Management is well placed to advise how to overcome the various challenges facing those responsible for cash management – heightened volatility, falling creditworthiness, weak economic growth and low interest rates – to deliver an appropriate return combined with security and liquidity.

Tom Meade, investment director, Royal London Asset Management
Craig Inches, fixed income fund manager, Royal London Asset Management

Diamonds in the rough

With gilt yields at generational lows how on earth will fixed-income investors make money? Not all fixed income is equal. The trick is to think outside the box: emerging-market debt, high-yield bonds, mortgages, currency, corporate. With a global, unconstrained perspective opportunities, and rewards, are there for the taking.

Nicholas Gartside, international chief investment officer, JP Morgan Asset Management

Maintaining income in an uncertain world

Political paralysis, financial manipulation and volatile markets have all stretched the ability of investment managers to provide the steady income flows so many of us depend upon – “things just ain’t what they used to be”. This session explores the means and the methods available to charities today to ensure a reliable level of income in these uncertain times.

Edward Kirwan, head of investment management (charities), Barclays
Kevin Gardner, global head of investment strategy, Barclays

Equity strategies for today's unpredictable markets

After a tough five years many investors are questioning the previously accepted 'given' that equities will eventually win out. However, a view of today's harsh realities within a broader historical context indicates that markets will recover, but it will take time. Rather than just waiting for things to improve, this presentation will explore how investors can achieve growth in today's unpredictable equity markets, including employing thematic approaches to capture opportunities and dampen volatility.

Christian Flackett, co-head private clients, UK, GAM

Navigating the crisis

An examination of the major long-term themes that need to be considered by charity investors seeking absolute returns.

Steve Russell, investment director, Ruffer
Christopher Querée, investment director, Ruffer

Today’s investments for tomorrow’s world

Evaluating investment ideas and highlighting secular trends and opportunities which can be used to enhance returns for charitable portfolios.

Ruadhri Duncan, senior associate partner, Sarasin & Partners