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MS Society

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Chris Askew

Diabetes UK has today announced that Chris Askew has been appointed as the organisation’s new chief executive.

Action for Children

Children’s charity Action for Children has launched a new mobile-friendly website and digital strategy, as well as refreshing its online brand with a change of colour.

A third of top fundraising charities fail Google 'mobile-friendly' test

One in three top charities’ websites, including Oxfam, the Royal British Legion and British Red Cross, will fall down search rankings after failing Google's new 'mobile-friendly' test.

Richard Handover, chair of Power to Change Trust (credit Sandra Rowse photography)

Richard Handover, former chairman and CEO of WHSmith, has been appointed as chair of the new £150m Power to Change Trust, which will give grants to community-led enterprises across England.

The challenge isn't with telephone fundraising, direct mail or 'chugging' per se. The challenge is treating donors as people worthy of respect.

» It's time to cut telephone fundraisers some slack

Rowling blames in-fighting for her departure from MS Society

JK Rowling has stepped down from her position as patron of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Scotland after ten years, blaming in-fighting between the Edinburgh and London offices.

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