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MS Society

The MS Society has written to approximately 25,000 of its web users to warn them their personal information may have been accessed by hackers.

Hilary Sears

Hilary Sears, who as chair of various organisations has appointed three chief executives, shares her personal experiences and the lessons she learnt.

Chris Askew

Diabetes UK has today announced that Chris Askew has been appointed as the organisation’s new chief executive.

Action for Children

Children’s charity Action for Children has launched a new mobile-friendly website and digital strategy, as well as refreshing its online brand with a change of colour.

Charities already register with the Charity Commission; the FRSB costs money that many small charities, doing God's and often the government's work, can ill afford; Olive Cooke did not kill herself over charity solicitations.

» Peers propose that all fundraising charities must register with the FRSB

A third of top fundraising charities fail Google 'mobile-friendly' test

One in three top charities’ websites, including Oxfam, the Royal British Legion and British Red Cross, will fall down search rankings after failing Google's new 'mobile-friendly' test.

Richard Handover, chair of Power to Change Trust (credit Sandra Rowse photography)

Richard Handover, former chairman and CEO of WHSmith, has been appointed as chair of the new £150m Power to Change Trust, which will give grants to community-led enterprises across England.

Rowling blames in-fighting for her departure from MS Society

JK Rowling has stepped down from her position as patron of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Scotland after ten years, blaming in-fighting between the Edinburgh and London offices.

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