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Cancer Research UK

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Stronger together

In challenging times, Lynne Robb encourages charities to collaborate rather than compete.

Lucy, who features in the CRUK promotional film

Cancer Research UK has released a series of promotional films for its Race for Life 2012, encouraging people to race to support research into "all 200 types of cancer".

CRUK new app will enable donations

Cancer Research UK has announced that it is developing a new smartphone app that will provide more services, including donations, than its current app on a greater range of devices.

Unicef was most talked-about charity in January

According to the latest Gorkana Charity Barometer, Unicef was the most talked-about charity in January 2012, and the only charity to appear in the top five of both the mainstream media and social media charts.

It seems to be a rather British trait that we often don't tell people how much we value and appreciate them until after they've died - I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to celebrate Dan's successes with him at the 200th anniversary celebrations and that he was properly acknowledged by all at the Charity Awards 2014. RIP Dan - you'll be missed.

» Daniel Phelan: Publisher, editor, social entrepreneur, intellectual

Kevin Waudby

We know, we know. You love your job, wouldn’t dream of leaving your organisation. Of course. But, just in case you’d been toying with the idea of a freelance career, Kevin Waudby shares some things you need to do and keep in mind before taking the plunge.

Charity of the year partnerships 2012

As January draws to a close takes a look at the Charity of the Year partnerships that have been announced for 2012 so far.

Lloyds Banking Group withdraws charity credit cards

The Halifax and the Bank of Scotland charity credit card are to be withdrawn by the end of February after owner Lloyds Banking Group decided the cards are not a cost-effective way of donating to charity.

Charities need to engage with users to improve online giving, says report

Almost half of users who start an online donation fail to complete it, according to a new report which urges the sector to adopt a more personal approach to online donations.

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