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Cancer Research UK

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Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital

Five new entrants and five exits, but still no change in the top tier in this year’s review of the Charity 100 Index, reports Diane Sim.

Controversial campaign puts Peta top of the social media chart

Animal rights charity Peta had the most social media mentions in February according to the Gorkana Charity Barometer.

Copyright Jim Champion

Cancer Research UK may lose out on more than £268,000 following the demise of high street clothing retailer Peacocks.

Delving into Facebook Timeline looks at the latest Facebook update to organisation pages and what it means for charities. 

They need to look outside their own organisation and look at others who are doing similar work to see if they are doing it better or more efficiently. If they are, that doesn't mean they should immediately close or seek to merge but it does mean that something needs to change.

» 'If you aren't making a difference, it's okay to call it a day', Commission chief executive says

Charity race events run into clash

Two high-profile charity race events in Worcestershire have been booked to take place on the same day.

Stronger together

In challenging times, Lynne Robb encourages charities to collaborate rather than compete.

Lucy, who features in the CRUK promotional film

Cancer Research UK has released a series of promotional films for its Race for Life 2012, encouraging people to race to support research into "all 200 types of cancer".

CRUK new app will enable donations

Cancer Research UK has announced that it is developing a new smartphone app that will provide more services, including donations, than its current app on a greater range of devices.

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