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Swings and roundabouts - Charity Market Monitor 2011

Some are up, some are down, some are staying put. The Charity Market Monitor 2011 finds that while events fundraising has flatlined, other income streams are either more or less profitable than before. Cathy Pharaoh discusses some of the top trends from 2009/2010.

Entries to Cancer Research's Race for Life have been dwindling

Is confessing to the public that your fundraising is facing trouble an example of transparency, or could it make ‘emergency’ fundraising the norm? Rob Dyson suggests charities should be careful of crying wolf.

The mother of all invention: a lesson on innovative fundraising

Everyone knows fundraisers are going to have to innovate to expand the giving market. Kevin Waudby asks several fundraising directors what they have in mind.

Running low

Race for Life entries are down, and it seems Cancer Research is not alone in this predicament. Niki May Young ponders why running events are losing out this year...

Can't help but think that this issue and many of the other bad news stories to have hit the sector over the last few months are rooted in poor governance.

» The story in the Times isn't nonsense, the sector needs to sit up and take notice

Charities have further to go on equal opportunities for women

While charities appear to be steamrollering ahead of the private sector on women in the boardroom, all is not as favourable as it seems. Andrew Hind comments on where the sector is failing.

Runners at a Cancer Research Race for Life event

Cancer Research UK has grown its income despite the wider economic climate, reporting a 3 per cent increase to put its total  at £514.95m.

Onwards and upwards: Charity 100 Index constituent review 2011

The annual review of the Charity 100 Index has lightly reshuffled the pack, reports Diane Sim.

Rising pressure - 25 years of charities and companies

Most of the top 50 charities in 1985 are still amongst the UK’s biggest charities, yet few of the 50 largest companies 25 years ago exist in the same form today. Tania Mason investigates why, and identifies growing pressure for the sector to change. 

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