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Financial reporting - who's calling the shots?

An insider’s guide from Richard Bray to the bodies shaping the future of charity accounting.

HMRC at 100 Parliament Street. Picture courtesy of Steph Gray

HMRC will no longer require large charities to comply with its onerous senior accounting officer rules, after discussions with accounting firm BDO and charities Barnardo’s and Cancer Research UK.

Paul Knight, tax director, BDO

Paul Knight reveals how BDO and a group of major national charities agreed an analysis with HM Revenue & Customs that will take nearly all charities out of the Senior Accounting Officer rules.

Online game adds 'support a charity' feature

Dorset Cereals has added a charity element to its online game and will award prizes totalling £8,000 to the five charities at the top of the leader board this September.

My feelings about Mr Hurd precisely, and thank you, Gareth Thomas, for hanging onto this like a terrier with a weasel. The money needs to be paid back and heads should roll.

» Nesta was 'forced' to fund Big Society Network, says former trustee

High level of cross-mailing due to donor profiles, not data sharing, say charities

Charities whose supporters receive a lot of mail from other charities attribute this cross-over to their supporters choosing to be generous to multiple causes or featuring on cold lists of likely donors – not the swapping of donor data by charities.

Charities mailing each others’ supporters in the millions

Royal Mail figures released to show for the first time the extent to which some charity donors are being bombarded with mail by organisations keen to win or retain their support over the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Swings and roundabouts - Charity Market Monitor 2011

Some are up, some are down, some are staying put. The Charity Market Monitor 2011 finds that while events fundraising has flatlined, other income streams are either more or less profitable than before. Cathy Pharaoh discusses some of the top trends from 2009/2010.

Entries to Cancer Research's Race for Life have been dwindling

Is confessing to the public that your fundraising is facing trouble an example of transparency, or could it make ‘emergency’ fundraising the norm? Rob Dyson suggests charities should be careful of crying wolf.

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