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Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has set up a “rapid response case handling system” to follow up on concerns reported to it about charities’ campaigning activities, it announced today.

Society lotteries deregulation could lead to less trust in charities, says NCVO

Deregulation of society lotteries could impact public trust and confidence in charities, NCVO has told the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.


The Lobbying Act will have the effect of causing charities to limit their campaigning activity year-round, and not just in the run-up to elections, the NCVO has warned today.

Rob Wilson: Charities 'welcome in political space but must not be party political'

The minister for civil society has said that charities must "think about their ability to speak truth to power” but should be careful to not be seen as party political.

The “formalised systems of volunteer management” has been driven by legislation, safeguarding vulnerable adults and health and safety as well as leading umbrella organisation like the NCVO.

» Public service contract culture undermines volunteers, new report claims

Philip Kirkpatrick, BWB Credit: NCVO/Rebecca Fennell

The public would have more trust in the sector if the Commission stood up to political pressure instead of agreeing it needs to become a tougher regulator, charity lawyer Philip Kirkpatrick has said.

Small charities are running on empty

Judy Robinson looks at the distinctive value of small voluntary and community organisations and how they can be better supported. This is one of a series of extracts from a forthcoming book of essays on the future of the voluntary sector, Making Good: The Future of the Voluntary Sector.  The collected extracts are available at Civil Exchange. 

Charities have cause for optimism despite difficult environment, NCVO report says

Charities are likely to continue to face an environment of reduced public funding and rising poverty among beneficiaries well into the next Parliament, according to an NCVO report published today.

CES merges into NCVO

Alice Sharman looks at Charities Evaluation Services' merger with NCVO as well as highlighting some of the latest auditor appointments.

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