Tate Gallery

Tate Gallery

20 John Islip Street

The Tate Gallery houses contemporary, modern, British, and international art in its 4 galleries located in London, Liverpool, and St. Ives.

Tate Modern, located on the Southbank, is home to contemporary and modern art. Tate Britain houses British art from as early as the 1500, while Tate St Ives houses contemporary art with regional influences. Tate Liverpool also houses contemporary art as an aside to its special exhibition programme.

First known as the National Gallery of British Art, the original Tate Gallery was located in Millbank. It was opened in 1897 by the artist Henry Tate, and the collection grew with contributions from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. With an ever enlarging collection, the Tate was separated into the specialised galleries we know today.

Income 2013: £116.2m