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The RSPCA is an animal welfare charity operating both in the UK and internationally, dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and promotion of kindness to animals by all lawful means.

It attempts to reduce the harmful impact of human activity on animals through education, campaigning and enforcement of the law, including private prosecution.

The RSPCA’s inspectors and animal collection officers, along with the society’s Special Operations Unit and team of undercover inspectors, work round the clock to champion animal welfare by investigating illegal acts of animal cruelty.

Many of its establishments offer subsidised veterinary treatment, neutering and microchipping, in addition to re-homing facilities. Every year the RSPCA re-homes around 70,000 unwanted or mistreated animals. It also funds a 24hr cruelty and advice line.

The RSPCA works with politicians and decision makers to lobby for animal rights, and also provides administrative support for the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, a group for politicians seeking to improve animal welfare standards in Westminster.

Income 2013: £116.2m