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Charities Aid Foundation

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Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity which aims to improve the way donations are made and how charities handle their finance.

CAF’s core activity is to provide financial services to charities and their supporters. For individual donors, CAF helps them find charities to support, makes it easy for them to donate and adds tax relief on their behalf. For companies, CAF sets up giving, volunteering and community programmes. And for charities, it offers low-cost banking, investment and fundraising services.

CAF distributes over £1m to charities on each working day of the year.

It owns and operates CAF Bank, and claims that its higher interest rates and lower fees means that an extra £20m goes to the charity sector each year.

During the 1980s and 1990s, under the leadership of Michael Brophy, CAF was a leading initiator of change in the voluntary sector, being closely involved in convincing the government to establish a number of tax reliefs on donations including gift aid and payroll deductions.

CAF has been working at making giving easier for more than 80 years and has been independent for over 30 years. In 1924, the National Council of Social Service set up the Charities Department to improve the effectiveness of donating and in response also to the ineffective welfare state that was still new after the Great War in 1918.

CAF has offices in the US, Russia, South Africa, India, Australia and elsewhere, as part of an international programme that aims to make it easier to transfer donations across borders and tax regimes.

Income 2012: £399.9m