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The NSPCC works to help children and families of domestic abuse, helping them overcome the effects and restore healthy relationships.

NSPCC provides free UK help lines - the NSPCC Helpline and Childline - which provide trained volunteer counsellors for children in distress or danger. And it also offers treatment and therapeutic services for children who have been abused and neglected.

It provides school teams which provide listening and counselling services in schools, and has young people’s centres, offering protection, promoting child focused parenting and professional practice.

The NSPCC has a network of teams which work in partnership with police and statutory agencies, undertaking enquires on individuals who may pose a risk to children, and identifying you people who may be subject to abuse, and ensuring that appropriate agencies take effective action to protect them.

The NSPCC lobbies key decision makers, such as government ministers, MPs and assembly members to ensure they put in place policies that are best for protecting children, and runs four campaigns a year lobbying Government on key NSPCC policies.

Finally, the NSPCC has raised public awareness to influence attitudes and behaviour towards children and to help people see that they can help end cruelty towards children.

Income 2012: £135.7m